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» » » JUST IN: U.S. grabs the Women's World Cup title with 5-2 win over Japan

The United States star midfielder scored three times in the first half to vault the Americans to their third Women's World Cup title on Sunday with a 5-2 victory over Japan at B.C. Place. Lloyd scored from close, she scored from far and she scored a place in U.S. sports lore for a team that came together beautifully to vanquish all comers and now will stand aside the 1999 team as most cherished ever by a still-growing soccer nation.

The elated roar from Lloyd as she sprinted toward her teammates will be replayed for years and years. She is the first ever to score a hat trick in a World Cup final and was the second American to win Golden Ball honors as the tournament's top player.

"There was something different in the air," Lloyd said. "There was no hesitation, no doubt."
Japan fought back gamely, cutting it to 5-2 before Morgan Brian found Tobin Heath in the box for a lovely goal that squelched any momentum for good.

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