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» » Do you know toothpaste and Air conditioners are deadly dangerous

The warning is right there on the label: "Seek immediate medical help if you ingest toothpaste." If you consume too much, the overdose can cause stomach pain and intestinal blockage. But if the toothpaste contains fluoride, as most do these days, it gets far more serious—convulsions, difficulty breathing, and heart attack (amongst other scary side effects), according to Medline Plus. We're not suggesting that you avoid toothpaste (no one wants stinky breath), but make sure you and your children are using the designated pea-sized amount, and thoroughly rinsing with each brush.
Air Conditioners
On a hot summer day, A/C saves the day. But when it's leaking, it's a setup for refrigerant poisoning, which can cause heart palpitations, seizures, and can cut off oxygen to your lungs and cells, ultimately causing death, says Heathline. It's mostly appliance repairers or installers that are at risk for the poisoning because they're around these cooling devices all day, which work by using Freon, a refrigerant substance that transforms from a liquid to an odorless gas (it's responsible for keeping your fridge cool, too). But they have protocols in place to stay safe, so if you notice a leaky A/C, be sure to skip the DIY and call a professional to get it repaired.

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