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» » Do you Know.. People Told C.Ronaldo that he is too skinny to Make It!!!?

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed being told he was "too skinny" as a youngster drove him to become the player that he is today.

The Portugal international first came to prominence as a slender, teenage winger at Manchester United but he began putting on more and more muscle before departing for Real Madrid in 2009.

Nowadays, Ronaldo is renowned for his sculptured physique and the 30-year-old explained his success is all down to the extra hours that he puts in at the gym.

"You have to work so hard," the forward stated in a promotional video. "I do this every day. This is why I have been at the top level for many, many years.

"It's not a coincidence. I do so much extra work outside of the pitch.
"When I was younger most people told me: 'Cristiano, you are a very talented player but you are too skinny.'

"So I put it in my mind that my body can improve. With dedication and hard work in the gym I improved a lot on that - at the end of the day it's down to the person's mindset.

"Athleticism also means a huge amount - these small details make a huge difference. So it's very important to do this work and it's going really well for me.

"That's why I'm always in good shape all year round. I do that kind of work because I have to, it's part of me."

Ronaldo scored a personal-best 61 goals in just 54 appearances in all competitions for Madrid last season.

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