Sunday, June 07, 2015

Pix of Chacha Eke Faani and her family

In this exclusive chat with The Entertainer, the actress opens up on her nuptials, revealing that she never believed she could end up marrying someone from the motion picture industry. She opens up on how she met her husband in 2009 and how he gave her the lead role that transformed her career among other interesting issues.


How did you guys meet each other?

I met my husband in 2009 while on set shooting a movie entitled, When Kings Decide; it was an Amaco production. Then he was a movie editor and had come to pick up tapes of already shot scenes. That was our first meeting.

What attracted you to him that first time?

His extreme intelligence and gentle nature endeared me to him.

What was that special thing he did that made you fall for him?

In 2010 he became a movie director and his first movie was Bank Job. Honestly, I was not casted for any role in the movie but as production progressed, two female members of the cast failed to make it. As a friend and a mentor who had always believed in me, he gave me the slot. It was my first official lead role and most challenging too.

Are you not afraid of getting married to someone who is in the same industry as you are especially against the backdrop of promiscuity and immorality in Nollywood?

Getting married to a man who works in the same field and career as myself is such a relief and a blessing. Actresses are misread and misjudged a lot. Most times, it’s only we in the industry that understand one another. And my husband has known me from scratch and watched me grow and seen me in my entirety; nothing about me is strange to him. I have also seen him at his best and average moments too.

What are you going to miss about life as a single lady?

There is absolutely nothing I will miss as a single lady because for me, life just got better and more fulfilling.

If you later discover that your husband is married to another woman, how would you react?

My husband has never gotten married before. Ours is the first for both of us.

Marriages in Nollywood hardly last. How are you going to safeguard yours?

We have made God the Head of our home. My hubby and I are best of friends and our love for each other is unquestionable. A marriage dedicated to God can never crash.

How many kids do you guys plan to have?

We’ll have kids as they come. Numbering them is irrelevant.

What could make you walk out of marriage?

We do not anticipate a walk-out. We believe in happy-ever-after and till death do us part.

What is your idea of a successful marriage?

A successful marriage is one that flourishes from season to season through the rains and the storms. Divinely blissful is what my marriage will be.

Before meeting your husband, what was your disposition towards dating or marrying someone in the movie industry?

Truthfully, before I met him, I didn’t think I could marry an entertainer like me. But my brother, destiny happened and brought us together.