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» » » Happy married life to Gov Adams Oshiomole and his beautiful bride!

The unconventionality of Oshiomhole’s relationship with his newly wedded wife perfectly reflects my stance on love as an affection which can only be best defined by the actors confined in the warmth of the feeling.

From the third-party point of view, many of us have attempted to decipher what love is, judging on our own personal experiences or sometimes based on the commonest accounts on love tales told in our given society – An approach which can be very misleading, considering that ‘love’ as a feeling, can’t be scientifically exposed to everyone under the same condition, so one should on this premise expect no potent formula to loving someone.

Describing his own truest feeling for Lara, Oshiomhole said: “She is very humble; she appreciates the nature of my job and life that I return home late, sometimes 3am. She understands my weaknesses; she is more or less the mother of the house, the one that has accepted to be the mother of my children.

“I am happy that all my children are at home with her and accept her as their mother even though she is not old enough to be their mother. She has accepted to fill that gap” he explained. Excerpt: Vanguard

"my wife is from Cape Verde and not from Ethiopia or Philippine as widely reported". ~Governor Adams Oshiomole

President Elect, Buhari and Vice Prof. Osinbajo at the wedding ceremony of Governor Adams Oshiomole and Lara Forte.

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