Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oh Mine!!! Brave Man Smashes window and pulled Driver out of a Crashed car hanging over the egde of a cliff

According to Dailymail: Police in Lewiston are trying to track down a man who saved a driver from the scene of a precarious car crash near at the edge of a cliff in Lewiston, Idaho, on Wednesday morning. Driver Mathew Sitko, 23, veered off the road and crashed through a property, before his car hit a fence at Bryden Canyon at 8am. The fence was the only reason the car didn't topple off the edge with Sitko inside. A passer-by managed to stop and smash Sitko's window with a rock, dragging him out of the truck and to the safety. However, the Good Samaritan told police he had to be somewhere and left. Sitko is now recovering from minor injuries in hospital.