Wednesday, March 25, 2015

C.Ronaldo Is Now The Most Popular Social Media Figure On The Planet

Cristiano Ronaldo, the reigning world player of the year is now the most popular figure in the world on Facebook. The Portuguese superstar has surpassed singer Shakira to take the number one spot.
Ronaldo now has more than 107 million likes, 5,000 clear of Shakira.

It’s not only on Facebook where Ronaldo dominates. He’s also the number one followed athlete on Twitter with a total of more than 34 million followers.

1Cristiano Ronaldo 107m
2Lionel Messi78m
3 David Beckham 52m
4Neymar 52m
5 Kaka 33m
6 Ronaldinho 31m
7 Mesut Ozil 28m
8 Michael Jordan 28m
9 Andres Iniesta 24m
10 Kobe Bryant 21m