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» » What Mercy Ajisafe Posted on Instagram, has got me in tears

Mercy Ajisafe, a model and On-Air Personality with Cool FM Lagos is one damsel who isn’t scared to express her views concerning salient issues. The sexy media personality who once based in the U.K expresses her heart over Nigeria`s present situation in a post she shared on Instagram... Read Below;

Last week over 2000 Nigerians lost their lives at the hands of terrorists. Over 5000 people were displaced and lost their homes. I can't even begin calculate how many lives these monsters have taken since I've been in Nigeria. 

The pain I feel in my soul is real, I've searched tirelessly for a solution, for an answer, I've asked myself what I can do to help my people. The sad truth is those with power seem preoccupied with furthering their own agendas, so it's left to us, the good people of this great nation to fight for what we know is right. It's time for us to take a stand, forget the rest of the world. 

There are over 170million people in this county, if we mobilize ourselves together in love, with a common goal, WE SHALL SEE RESULTS. The time for for action is nigh, we must first understand that the one thing that will save this world, save this country is LOVE. 

We have told since the beginning of time, but we've ignored this simple doctrine. Until we begin to have love and compassion in our hearts, we shall never see a change. 

And that, unfortunately, is the truth. So I vow, to love my brothers and sisters, to feel their pain, to understand their struggle, in order for me to help fight this battle, and win! God bless Nigeria #LOVE #HOPE #VICTORY #baga2000 #savenigeria

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