Thursday, January 01, 2015

Teenage Nicki: Photo + Video clip Released of Nicki Minaj acting in High School

As clip show faced of Nicki Minaj acting in a movie set as a teenage girl in high school, it arose major comments from fabs, See two worth reading comments below... Are you for Speaker No.1 or No.2 or undecided....Lets know what you think...? Interesting!!!

Speaker No.1 said this after watching the Video, Below;

tataJunkie :Why are Nicki Minaj fans so in denial that this woman got her ass or breast done? It's become the normal thing to do and it's pretty obvious she's had surgery. Get over it and stop making excuses. This is why people don't take her and her fabs serious about certain shit. They make it worst. She's embraced her ass shots so you should do the damn same.

Speaker No.2

kim jim : Nicki Minaj was pretty the whole time! This proves that she has not had any surgery done since she looks exactly the same as she does in this video. Being 17, Onika was skinny since it was all the way back in high school where Physical Education is required. Of course she has picked up weight, its been 15 years since this video! Plus she admitted to not exercising. Basically she has not worked out since P.E in Highschool! Her butt does not have to be fake since the majority of blacks can gain weight in the glute and hip area while maintaining a flat stomach and small waists. I'm sure her "anaconda buns" is 100% natural!