Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nollywood Super star, RACHAEL OKONKWO ~ Going Nude is Forbidden

 In a recent interview of Super Star, Racheal with Sunonlinenews, Racheal tells Us so many interesting and sincere stuffs about herself, we were able to summarize the interview and bring you facts about Racheal that you should know Read below;

Do you have any unrealised dreams as a budding actress?
I have always wanted to release an album with nice songs I wrote years ago.

What’s your opinion of sex for movie roles which has become rampant in Nollywood?
I believe that this is mostly targeted towards upcoming artistes. It is one of the obstacles that they have to face. I believe that sleeping with numerous producers or other stakeholders cannot get you where you want to be. Let your talents work and fight for you. By the grace of God, believe me, you wouldn’t see it coming.

As an actress, are there some roles you consider ‘forbidden’?

What are your thoughts on going nude on set?
Its one of the things that I consider as ‘forbidden.’ There is a clear line between pornography and home movies.

What do you consider your selling point as an actress?
My smile. I always get complimented on that.

Tell us about your growing up
Growing up was fantastic but things got rough after I lost my father. As the first born of the family, I had to work hard to support my mother. I was never born with a silver spoon but I grew up in a very comfortable home and a Christian home too.

You just received awards, tell us about it.
His Excellency, Governor Sullivan Chime, presented me an award as Enugu-born most outstanding upcoming actress 2014. Also, CDGN, Anambra State chapter, awarded me the best-dressed actress 2014.