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» » Nigeria: Patience Jonathan Challenges Aishat Buhari to A First Lady debate

Hello readers, the controversial first lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan has challenged the soon-to-be/wanna-be First Lady and wife of General Mohammed Buhari to a debate session.

This was brought to FNNews notice by the press secretary attached to the office of the First Lady yesterday at a general meeting of the press.

The currently seating First Lady, has insisted on having a one-on-one debate with the opposing party’s first lady claiming what that what a man can do, a woman can do better (in this case, women).
In the press release, the first lady also claims that since she was honored with a degree at a foreign university recently, she is very much capable of handling a debate session with GMB’s wife.
“Aisha is not educated and is not be willing to face me at a public debate that will be aired live from all over Nigeria.” She said.

While speaking with the wanna-be first lady at one of the campaign rallies recently, she reacted to the invitation rumor by denying ever receiving any invitation from the incumbent first lady.
Aisha also claims that she would be very delighted to accept the challenge if she actually gets one owning to the fact that Dame Patience cannot even construct a complete sentence in English let alone write-up a whole invitation letter.

She (Aisha Buhari), also admits that what a man can do, a woman can do better but categorically denied that the current first lady is a woman. She said and FNN quotes: “Dame Patience Jonathan is not a woman per say because, looking at this issue, if she were a woman as it were, she would be mature enough to know what to do and how to do it. How can she be gunning for a debate? In what capacity?

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