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» » A Fast Rising Female Artist You Should Know

The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it's possible to achieve, We came across this wonderful talented female Young Artist online, Her name is Li Li Nicols, She is simply spectacular, her words and Music are well placed and inspiring, Just can`t resist sharing!!!  More details about Her below;

Born in New Orleans, LA, Li Li Nicols as a young child held an ambitious successful demeanor. Being the middle sibling, who are often overshadowed, Li Li Nicols created her own path through writing. Embracing her creativity, Li Li Nicols knew she was gifted with the ability to paint pictures using words. When asked what does words mean to you? Li Li responds by saying “words are the depiction and essences of your character.”

Beginning with poems and short stories, Li Li Nicols expanded her writing by incorporating her love for music, through songs. Living in a stable middle class family Li Li Nicols, didn’t have much of a struggle to write about, until 2005. The year 2005 changed Li Li Nicols life forever, Hurricane Katrina struck the only home Li Li had known, relocating most of her family to Atlanta, GA, while separating the others including her father. Living in a house with 15 family members for over a year, while everyone began their new life in Atlanta, this has given Li Li the appreciation for her loved ones.

After graduating high school in 2011, Li Li Nicols attended Savannah State University, where she met Horizon, another artist with the same music pursuits. Li Li and Horizon teamed up to build Live L!ve, a production company with many goals and high pursuits. Live L!ve means “nothing less than living,” while living your life to the fullest extent. Li Li Nicols talents, business savvy, driven, and ambitious lifestyle assures her success.

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