Saturday, September 27, 2014

Eve Esin Creative Photo Shots + Childhood Photo

 Nigerian Nollywood actress, Eve Esin released some photos from her creative photo shoot and in one of the photos; she was dressed and painted in Leopard skin and which has raised a lot of controversial comments.

Some fans admitted that she looked scary in her look and she was highly unrecognizable. While some comments have it that she is displaying her royalty to the devil, stating that it is not fashion but demonic aspirations.

“please don’t even appreciate her creativity. She is actually displaying her royalty to the devil, that is not fashion but demonic aspirations. Just take a careful look at the Leopard skin, the sign or symbol which has flashed, people do not be misled she wants to be more famous than ever. Listen to me ooo” the comment read.

While another said she is trying to show that she is more of a cat than a human. However others agreed on her sense of creativity and those posting bad comments are just being jealous. Do you think they are right, or she is just being creative?

She also share other stunning pix including her Childhood pic, see photos below;

Childhood Photo of Eve Esin
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