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Female Singer Adokiye Says No Man Has Ever Slépt With Her

She is the beautiful, fragile and provocative wave-making singer,
Adokiye Kyrian. She never ceases to amaze and seems never to
run out of bag of tricks to mesmerise fans and haters alike.
The Love You Better and Kulumo crooner, who only turned 23 on
Saturday has been called many names and most of those have
séxuality hanging around them. So one could imagine the surprise
and sheer incredulity when the female singer confessed that she is
actually a "closed hole". No man has entered!
We were chatting about love and she was trying to convince me
she doesn’t believe in love:
"I really don’t like love. I’m a career person, what I have for
everyone including guys, is Agape love. Love is wicked and
there is no real love, I’m young and living the life. Until I see
one, I’m happy like this."
So, you aren’t in any relationship?
“Yes, actually, I’m in a relationship with my career, architecture is
my hubby and music/movie my boyfriend”.
Then I felt she was sounding like a woman who has had the love
of her life run off with her best friend on her wedding day. I could
not help but asked if she had been disappointed by love before. To
which she retorted: “Frankly, no”.
But she told me she has seen enough of fake love around her to
be cautious to whom she gives her heart.
Curious, I felt this rising star may just have any one pulling her
chestnut out of the fire for her, so, I took a swing at her but got
one back that got me real reeling.
You mean you are not getting laid or what?
"Haba, what is a young girl getting laid for. I’m still a virgin”.
For a moment, I thought I hadn’t heard right and I guessed she
thought so too.
She added: “Why are you quiet? Haven’t you seen a pretty virgin
before? If you don’t believe me, you have seen one today. Any
man that buys my mum the private jet I promised her, wins my
Source: Vanguard

Heavy Gunfire Reported Around Aso Rock Vicinity In Abuja

...about 20 persons have been confirmed dead, and most of them are Boko Haram members.

"We don't know what is going on, everybody is running, it seems there is war in this area", these are the words of a resident of the Aso Drive area in Abuja who got across to OluFamous.Com on the development.

There was heavy gunfire exchanges around the vicinity of Aso Rock presidential Villa and the headquarters of the State State Services, SSS, in the Asokoro District of Abuja in the past one hour, security sources and residents of the area said.

The headquarters of the State Security Service, popularly known as Yellow House, is almost adjacent one of the gates of the presidential villa. Residents of the nearby Aso Drive Area said the gunshots were either coming out of the SSS headquarters or the presidential villa.
"We don’t know what’s going on here. Heavy gunfire has been coming from the direction of the villa. The entire area has been barricaded. SSS operatives are scampering out of their headquarters as the gunshots get louder. 
“Soldiers are now heading in the direction of the SSS headquarters with Armoured Personnel Carriers. Those of us living around here have been asked to stay indoors and not venture out.”
A resident of the area told Premium Times in Abuja. Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati, could not be reached for comments as at the time of filing this report.

Casualty figures are not clear yet but top sources told OluFamous.Com that it is a Boko Haram operations and Military helicopters have now been deployed and now hovering around Aso Rock and the SSS office.

"When I Die" By Charly Boy

I didn’t exist yet, but everything that ever happened in the universe, happened – and it went by in an instant.  That “instant” spanned about 13 billion years.  It could have been even longer, it doesn’t matter, because to you and I, it was still an instant.  We have the luxury of science and history to tell us of our universal past, but without that, the only recollection we could possibly have of anything is what we actually lived through.
What’s the point?
The point is that when you die, it’s likely the same thing. The only difference is that there is no “instant” at the other end for you to suddenly become conscious, like birth.  Instead, time and events like the ones listed above will happen on their own, without you, just like they did before you were born.   Time will go on until the end of the Universe, if there is, but you won’t be able to know it
Should we be afraid of death?
I will freely admit that death itself does not scare me.  The physical act of dying terrifies me.  I don’t want it to be painful, and I don’t want it to be drawn out.  I want peace and tranquility, like any other normal person would want. Though I am not afraid of death, the thought of it saddens me.  I love life so much that it crushes me to think that I wouldn’t be able to spend time with family and friends.  Of course, losing a loved one is equally painful for the same reasons. It also saddens me that I wouldn’t witness the next great advances in technology.  Imagine the people of the 1800’s; they could never have imagined BlackBerry, IPad, Facebook, Skype, Email etc. I’m in my 60's now; can you imagine what kind of technology the human race will discover in the next century?
Now to the Koko of this matter, this is not to rattle your belief in Heaven or Hell and life after death, but just to make you think. After all what do I know, even as I write this I maybe so high, but it is my opinion and not yours.
It would be reassuring to know that there was some sort of life after death, but simply put, there is no real evidence for this, no matter which religion is scrutinized.  In fact, it seems that people’s life after death experience is biological in nature.  After all, they can be simulated with drugs and put in a lab.  It also seems very anthropocentric to believe that we are so special that we deserve an afterlife.  There are all sorts of problems with life after death – based on religious views and different versions of “heaven” and “hell”;  the concept of the soul; the age of the person (for example: do one day old infants get life after death?); animals (do they get to experience it too?)
Some people would be asking by now, which one be all this grammar sef?
We have got one life to live on this planet, just one.  You should do everything in your power to enjoy it to the fullest, no slacking my guy and to make sure that everyone and everything around you has the same opportunity. So, what happens when you die? - I think the answer is mundane and simple, Nothing! source: Linda Ikeji Blog

#FamilyLifeDramaLife :Here's What Tchidi Has To Say After Dumping His Wife & Sons To Marry Nuella

In one of his tweets which I didn't post, Tchidi Chikere said it's not everybody that would understand what he is saying. But if you take your time to read his tweet, it seems the other woman just have children for him; that is, it's like they weren't married and she is not happy because his marriage to Nuella has change "things".

Davido In Soup: Angry Fans Threaten To Beat Him Over Concert

Well, according to many of those present at Davido's concert in New York, the story that the young singer had painted in the media about too much crowd and police intervention because of the crowd was not entirely the whole truth. Sources say Davido was too drunk to deliver a note worthy performance that could in any way justify the money his fans spent to buy tickets for the show and all that.

Some say the organising was so messed up that people were just doing anyhow, including having séx in toilet. A lady who was at the concert, her name is Ronke, had this to say:
"I guess we all should have known better. He's 21 and he went on stage high and intoxicated! Where they do that at? I'm not an artist and I understand that they do need a little extra something to perform in front of a huge crowd but dude was out of it. I thank God I never waste good money on an outfit for that bastard!
I heard some guys there even threatened to beat up Davido and may be demanding a refund of their money.. source:

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Buhari Opens Up On Boko Haram: Connects It With The PDP

Former Head of State, Mohammadu Buhari, has urged Nigerians not to look any further than the ruling PDP if they want answers to the formation, growth and sustenance of the Boko Haram menace. He stated this in his response to a claim by the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh, that Buhari’s comments, prior to the 2011 elections, were proves of his involvement with the sect.
In his reaction, Buahri said: “The former National Security Adviser, Late Gen. Andrew Azazi, was unequivocal in his assertion that the power play in the PDP was the raison d’etre of the Boko Haram insurgency. Apparently, the discomfort caused within the PDP hierarchy was the reason for his sacking. 
“Furthermore, we knew of the confessional statement to the State Security Service by one of the PDP stalwarts that the contact with Boko Haram was with the imprimatur of the Vice President Namadi Sambo.”

FG earned N4.8tn from taxes in 2013 –FIRS

The Federal Government earned N4.8tn from the collection of various taxes in the 2013 fiscal year, the Federal Inland Revenue Service said on Monday.
The acting Executive Chairman, FIRS, Alhaji Kabir Mashi, gave the figure in Abuja during the opening of an enlargement management meeting/retreat of the organisation.
The retreat with theme: ‘Growing non-oil revenue to finance government programmes’, was aimed at reviewing the performance of the FIRS in the last one year and to present the collective plan for the current year.
Mashi said the collection of N4.8tn was a huge improvement by N337bn or 7.56 per cent over the N4.46tn earned in 2012.
He, however, lamented that the amount generated last year was below the N5.8tn target of the FIRS by 17.18 per cent.
Mashi said while the service had performed well in the area of tax collection in the last few years, there was a need to improve revenue collection, particularly the non-oil taxes.
This, he stated, had necessitated the FIRS to take steps in growing the non-oil tax revenue through the commencement of the Capacity Enhancement Programme.
According to him, this will help to deliver an additional $500m (N80bn) in non-oil revenue in the current year.
He said, “It is necessary to improve upon non-oil tax collection for a number of reasons, major among which is the increasing global need to reduce the over dependence on oil revenue.
“The service had no doubt done well in the last couple of years. However, there is still a great need for improvement. The FIRS surpassed its revenue target for 2013, collecting N4.805tn as against the target of N4.468tn.
“We surpassed the target by N337bn or 7.56 per cent, but our performance was below the FIRS target of N5.803tn by 17.18 per cent.
“A closer review of the figures for our non-oil collection reveals the actual collection of N2.139tn, which falls short of the government target of N2.188tn by about three per cent.”
Mashi expressed optimism that the FIRS would perform better in the current year to meet its target of N4.21tn, made up of N1.789tn from Petroleum Profit Tax and N1.03tn from Companies’ Income Tax, with N96bn from the CIT gas.
He also projected a collection of N861bn from Value Added Tax; N10.21bn from Capital Gains Tax; N8.46bn as income from duties, while the Education Tax, Personal Income Tax and Technology Levy were expected to contribute N156bn, N59bn and N10.6bn, respectively.
Meanwhile, ahead of the seventh joint annual meeting of the African Union-Economic Commission for Africa conference, which begins today (Tuesday), the African Civil Societies Organisations has called on governments on the continent to end the use of tax incentives to woo investors.
The CSOs, at a media briefing in Abuja on Monday, said tax incentives provided by countries to investors could trigger the illicit movement of money from one country to another.
The representative of the African CSOs Consultative Forum, Mr. Kola Banwo, said evidence had shown that tax incentives were not required to attract foreign investment in most African countries.
He said, “Estimates from studies conducted by one of us, ActionAid, shows that $138bn was given away by governments in developing countries every year from statutory income tax exemptions alone.
“We urge African countries to demand an inclusive and multilateral global tax reform process in which effective participation of all stakeholders, including the civil society is guaranteed in shaping the new international tax rules.”
The group also called on African countries to protect their revenue base as well as review their double taxation treaties, adding that illicit financial flows had continued to deprive the continent of funds for progressive and gender responsive services.Source: PUNCH

Oando Nigeria Plc Recruitment

The Company

Oando Plc is one of Africa’s largest integrated energy solutions providers with a proud heritage.With shared values of Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Passion and Professionalism (TRIPP), the Oando Group comprises six companies who are leaders in their market. At Oando, we always on the look out for highly skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated people who can contribute to our continuing success.

Oando Nigeria Limited is looking for a dedicated and suitably qualified candidate to fill the under listed position:

Job Title: Branch Manager

Vacancy Code: BM/FT/MM/65943
Department: Retail
Location: Branches Nationwide

Organisational Relationships

Directly Reports to: Regional Manager
Indirectly Reports to: Head Sales
Supervises: Dealers, Station Managers & Station Attendants

Job Summary

The Branch Manager (Combined) is responsible for relationship management, marketing, sales, customer account management in the branch as well as developing and executing plans to meet the set targets in volume and margin within retail outlets in the branch:

The role is responsible for:

Initiating and marketing Oando’s Products to assigned commercial customers ensuring prompt collection of cash while ensuring each customer remains within approved credit terms/TAR limits
Effectively manage retail outlet dealers to achieve the set objectives for stations in the branch
Ensure that the assets of the Company in the retail outlets are optimally utilized to guarantee maximum and faster returns on investment.
Driver established health & safety practices and ensure enforcement at the stations
Ensure availability of accurate and complete documentation for all insurance claims

In addition, the Branch Manager (combined) is responsible for ensuring the continued profitability and growth of business from each customer account managed and also serves as the liaison officer of the Company in his/her location in terms of relationship management of government agencies; regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

Effectively plan and allocates targets to all the stations.
Ensures that stations orders are followed up with CCU to avoid stock out
Effectively manage each customer account to ensure the sales targets are fully achieved
Offer efficient and effective supervision including guidance to dealers while initiating business plan / move to achieve individual outlets set targets
Actively seek to develop new retail channel business off the forecourt
Maintain updated / comprehensive data on each dealer and conducts regular appraisals on dealers.
To monitor competitors activities and provide useful information including statistics that will promote company activities
Ensure that company policies are strictly adhered to in the running of retail outlets as detailed out in the Retail management procedures.
To prepare and timely submit monthly sales report and others as may be required from time to time
Acquire new retail outlets based on the pre-determined criteria & strategy.

Key Performance Indicators

% increase in Sales Volume, Margin &Turnover of stations.
Achievement of volume, revenue cost and margin target.
% decrease / elimination of TAR in stations.
No of new retail outlets acquired / affiliated and developed
Quality, Timeliness and accuracy of sales & situation reports and proposal articulation.
Achievement of EHSQ targets set for the retail outlets
% Profit generated from new products / services / channels in a given time period
Quality of service rendered to customers and stakeholders

Qualifications & Experience

A good 1st degree from recognised University
3 years Post-NYSC.

Knowledge & Skills Required

Ability to work with little or no supervision
General Business Knowledge
Highly mobile and strong driving proficiency.
Demonstrated Relationship Management
Customer focus/orientation
Result orientation
PC Utilization (Excel, Word, Power Point)

Application Closing Date
5th April, 2014

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should Click here to apply online

PHOTO:Students & members of Nigerian community in West Virginia staged a protest today against govt corruption in #Nigeria

Binoculars Magazine
Students & members of Nigerian community in West Virginia staged a protest today against govt corruption in

WICKEDNESS: Man Brutally Rap’ed Young Pretty Girl To Death In Lagos

Man Brutally Rap’ed Young Pretty Girl To Death In Lagos An Ebute Meta Chief Magistrates’ Court in Lagos remanded a menial worker, Ikechukwu Egbo, at the Ikoyi Prison over the alleged murder of a 12-year-old girl, Bose Ogoja.

The Chief Magistrate, Miss S.O. Solebo, who did not take the plea of the accused, gave the order, pending an advice from the Lagos State Director of Public Prosecutions.
Earlier, the prosecutor, Insp. Richard Odigie, told the court that the crime was committed on December 30, 2013, at Ajara Dokoh in Badagry, near Lagos.
Odigie told the court that the accused allegedly attacked the deceased and dragged her into the defunct Nigeria Telecommunications Office, rap’ed her and strangled her to death.
“The accused (allegedly) ran away when he noticed the girl was dead. The complainant called in the police and the accused was arrested,” Odigie said.
He said that the offence contravened Section 221 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.
Section 221 provides that any person who commits murder shall be sentenced to death.
The court adjourned the case till April 11 for mention.

Ex-Borno Commissioner was nearly killed by a mob in Maiduguri.

A former commissioner of Poverty Alleviation, Hajiya Yagana Muazu, of ex- Governor Ali Modu Sheriff’s administration, has narrowly escaped death in the hands of a lynch mob during the Giwa Barracks attack in Maiduguri on March 14, 2014, Friday.
Muazu narrated that upon hearing persistent gunshots she decided to flee from the area to Federal Low-cost. The ex-commissioner moved out with her children. She also saw her night watchmen stranded, asked them to take her SUV and follow her.
“On getting to the railway crossing around Bullumkutu, I saw thousands of youths on the highway conducting stop and search operations.
“The youths, without investigations, on sighting the two watchmen with dane guns, moved to lynch them.
The youths in their thousands mobbed them and used machete on one of the watchmen who was trying to show his identity card and then set the other one ablaze before burning the SUV,” Muazu recounted her ordeal in tears.
The ex-commissioner also mourned her guards. One of them had two wives and 13 children, while the second one had a wife and five children.
Only the intervention of the Ibrahim Taiwo Area Commander of Police, Mr Affan, saved Muazu and her kids. The mob vowed to kill her as well since she was with the two watchmen.
The ex-commissioner urged the Borno State government to regulate activities of the Civilian JTF, as the youths that attacked her were not in uniform and nobody could identify who they were.
However, in his response, the Legal Adviser of the Civilian JTF, Jubrin Gunda, said those that attacked her were not their members. source

TRAGIC!!! 7 killed in fresh attack on Taraba village by Fulani herdsmen.

A group of armed men suspected to be Fulani herdsmen entered Buwa village, Ibi local government area of Taraba State, on March 23, 2014, Sunday, burnt many houses and shot everyone on sight.
As the result, about seven persons were killed in the raid.
A resident of the village, Anthony Iwuaak, revealed that the armed men, numbering over 20 invaded the village at about 1.15 am and engaged in shooting residents and burning houses.
Iwuaak, who said he narrowly escaped the attack, added that the invaders were identified as Fulani herdsmen who migrated from Benue and Nasarawa states as a result of the crisis between Tivs and Fulanis in the areas.
The residents also begged the government to assist the people by drafting more security personnel to the affected villages to save them from the attackers.
Leadership reporters also attempted to get a confirmation from the spokesman of the state police command, ASP Joseph Kwaji. However, he denied the information provided by the locals, said that only one person was killed by the attackers of Buwa village.
The police also promised to draft more of its men to the area to bring the situation under control.
It would be recalled that over 98 lives were lost in various attacks in Benue, Borno and Plateau in the last few days. source

N10 Billion Private Jet: NNPC defends Alison-Madueke

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, hastened Monday, to the defence of petroleum minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, who is accused by federal lawmakers of squandering N10 billion to charter and maintain private for her personal use.
Ms. Alison-Madueke is accused of spending about 500,000 Euros (N130 million Naira) monthly to maintain the aircraft, solely for her personal needs and those of her immediate family. The House of Representatives has ordered an investigation. Its public accounts committee will examine the allegation within two weeks.
The NNPC, which Ms. Alison-Madueke supervises, denied the allegation in a statement Monday, but said the corporation has the legal authorisation to own or charter an aircraft for its officials. Such privilege is not exclusive to the minister or other officials, the NNPC said in a statement signed by its acting group general manager, group public affairs division, Omar Ibrahim. “This practice is common and acceptable in the local and international business environment in which it operates.
There is nothing prohibiting NNPC from owning or chartering an aircraft,” the statement said. The statement said the law establishing the NNPC, empowers it to “hold, manage and alienate moveable and immovable property and enter into contracts or partnerships with any company or persons.”
Samuel Adejare, the lawmaker who raised the matter last Thursday said there was “reliable evidence” indicating that the financing for the Challenger 850 aircraft was drawn from government funds. Mr. Adejare said the estimated N10 billion would be only “a tip of the iceberg” as detailed investigation would show the minister spent far higher.
“If government could be bankrolling this waste in the face of ever dwindling public resources,…it amounts to a misplacement of priority, impudence and breach of public trust, an action that offends the Fiscal Responsibility Act and all other Laws on fiscal discipline in Nigeria,” Mr. Adejare said.
Mrs. Alison-Madueke, who is one of the most controversial members of President Goodluck Jonathan’s cabinet, is currently at the centre of an allegation of a missing $20 billion oil proceeds raised by suspended governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi. Mr. Jonathan has brushed aside repeated calls that the minister, indicted by previous investigations, be fired.
The NNPC said its operations in the oil and gas sector were time-sensitive and often required prompt attention which could not be achieved using regular scheduled flights. Without directly stating how it has funded the minister’s chartered trips, the NNPC said it is a standard practice for large oil and gas corporations to make use of the “most efficient” means of transportation.
The statement said NNPC has always availed itself of the use of owned or chartered aircraft for the purpose of its business which include the transportation of its top functionaries. “In this regard, it is pertinent to note that the international oil companies operating in joint ventures with NNPC, regularly charter aircraft as dictated by the exigencies of their businesses,” the corporation said.
“Indeed, some have moved from owning their own aircraft to the charter opinion. Other national oil companies, such as Sonangol of Angola, have also chosen the charter option.
“The advantages of the charter option include zero capital and maintenance costs resulting in a lower financial outlay and thus an improved cash flow,” it stated.

Wealthy Businessman Caught Doing It With Female Student

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The man is rich, he flaunts he wealth anyhow and young girls with their big eyes can't say 'No' whenever he is in the mood and invites any of the girls in the area for his randy show. But he ran out of luck recently as he was caught live in the act with a secondary school student doing it by his car on a bush part.

The rich man was given the beaten of his life as those who caught him couldn't understand why he should take a girl as young as this into the bush for his greedy "enjoyment" when her mates were in school. Those who know the man say this is not the first time he would be doing such with young girls...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tiwa Savage sets new wedding date

Popular singer Tiwa Savage and her soon-to-be husband, producer Tee Billz, have set a new wedding date.
Pulse reports that the couple will tie the knot in Dubai on 26 April.
According to the report, the couple had to reschedule their nuptials, which was originally set to take place in the Maldives in February, because of "personal issues".
Tiwa and Tee had their traditional wedding in November last year.
P-Square are reportedly also planning to be wed in Dubai.

Jonathan orders cancellation of Immigration recruitment

President Goodluck Jonathan Wednesday, directed the immediate cancellation of the immigration recruitment exercise that led to the death of more than twenty applicants and scores of others injured.
NIGERIA, Abuja : Job-seekers applying for work at the Nigerian immigration department scramble as their exam papers fly in the air, on the pitch of Abuja National Stadium, on March 15, 2014. AFP PHOTO

NIGERIA, Abuja : Job-seekers applying for work at the Nigerian immigration department scramble as their exam papers fly in the air, on the pitch of Abuja National Stadium, on March 15, 2014. AFP PHOTO

The presidential directive was given at today’s Federal Executive Council meeting where the president further directed that all those who lost their loved ones would have automatic slot for three applicants, one of whom must be a woman.

Those who sustained injuries will also be automatically employed.

Details later. source: Vanguard

Big Girl Rejects A Man Bcos He Is "Poor"; Now She Wants Him After Knowing He's Rich

Ladies, please stop putting money ahead of everything. Here's the story as shared by Ada Okeke:

My cousin (male) came home last Christmas looking for a wife, I told him about my girlfriend and we agreed to invite her over so that he can see her. At last he liked her, collected her phone number from me.

But here is the deal between me and him, he made it clear to me never to disclose what he does for a living to her now, but rather I should tell her he is a security man living in Mushin. (note: he is a rich business man but he is afraid to disclose his identity now, because according to him, he is looking for a lady that will love him for whom he is and not for what he is).

They met, he told her the same thing. After everything she came to me to know whether it's true, I told her yes but that she should give him a chance, and try to know him very well.

My girlfriend told me she is not interested, that she is not ready for marriage yet...

I tried all my best to convince her but to no avail, I let go! Later he found another lady, paid her bride price last February, they are planning for their traditional marriage soon.

Now, I don't know how my girlfriend ran into him and discovered he is a rich business guy. She called me and gave me the insult of my life. Her reason is that I shouldn't have lied to her in the first place, knowing fully well we are friends... that a friend is not supposed to lie to a friend. Her sisters called me and told me the same thing. But when I tried to explain things, they hung the phone on me.

I am planning to go over to their place today to explain things to her sisters and apologise too, but my own sisters are still with the opinion that I did nothing wrong....

What do you think? Did I do the right or the wrong thing? source

FG may remove fuel and kerosene subsidies

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The Minister of Petroleum Resources, Dieziani Alison-Madueke yesterday gave a hint of plans by the Federal Government to remove subsidies being paid on Petrol and Kerosene products. The Minister gave the hint while speaking at the Nigerian Oil & Gas Conference which took place in Abuja
While addressing the delegates, Alison-Madueke said subsidy being paid to marketers for petrol and kerosene was no longer sustainable and was only beneficial to the rich in the society.
"The continued regulation of the downstream sector has its positive and negative impacts on the economy. But the negative effect is more than the positive.The subsidy policy cannot be sustained any longer.This is because the subsidy payment is not benefiting the poor it is targeting; rather, it is benefiting the rich. The industry needs to move to next level by increasing revenue and curbing oil theft and pipeline vandalism.Without belabouring the point, we are all aware that the government has to deregulate the downstream sector. Continuing regulation, we all are aware, has negative effects. It is basically unsustainable, it discourages investment, and principally, it benefits the rich, not the masses in the society that we intend to reach in the first place" The minister said.Analyst however say if petrol subsidy is removed, Nigerians would have to pay more for both products. Petrol for instance would rise to N144.66 for a litre, which is the landing cost of a refined litre as against the N97 its been sold for now at filling stations while Kerosene would go as high as N154.36 per litre, N138.87 as landing cost and N15.49 for distrubution margin, suming up to N154.36 it would be sold for. source

Exposed: See What Stella Oduah Is Now Doing With Our Money

Nigeria's immediate past Minister of Aviation, Ms Stella Oduah stole, walks away and now she is building this skyscraper directly opposite Park View Estate main gate on Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. This woman is simply telling all good Nigerians that indeed it pays to steal billions in this Goodluck Jonathan government. There is no punishment for official corruption!

Source: Sahara Reporters

MARRIAGE CRISIS: Popular Nollywood Actor Dumps His Wife, Runs Off With His Kids

Popular Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike who has been in the news lately, from being evicted from his building premises over owing of house rent, to suing his landlord is in the news again.

But this time it has to do with his family.
The actor who has been off the movie scene for a while now was once reported to allegedly beat up his wife.
Seems the wife and mother of his kids, Emma has had enough of him as she is reported to have finally left him for good.
According to SDK reports: Emeka Ike took two of the kids with him to Abuja while the wife is left with the other two in Lagos. "To say she and her two kids are going thrugh hell is an understatement. There have been allegations also that there is a lot of spousal abuse going on but I cannot out-rightly say that because the woman has not come out herself to cry out. It is a pity that some men are babies and use children as scape goats to carry out revenge against their spouses…!" she wrote.
Emeka and his wife, Emma (born to a German dad and a Nigerian mother) are blessed with four kids: Emma, Michael, Kelly, Jason and Andrea.

SWEET: Chika Ike Shares Photos Of Her "Sunshine"

Nollywood star and UN Ambassador for Peace, Chika Ike seems to love children a lot, especially when it comes to her nephew.

The actress has just shared this cute photo on Facebook an captioned it "My sunshine

OUCH! See Why This Woman Tried To Cut Off Her Husband's Penis

A 39-year-old American woman has been arrested over trying to cut off her husband's penis with a box cutter during the quarrel.

Both Lisa Jones-Orock and her husband were taken into custody, when the neighbours called the police.
During the interrogation the man confessed his wife had tried to cut off his penis, while she said he had threatened to stab her.
The woman was tested positive to drugs (marijuana).
Interestingly, it was found out that the woman had a restraining order which didn't allow her husband to approach (contact) her.

Banker Beggs For Divorce As Wife Turnes His Mother In Punchbag

A 42-year-old banker begged an Igando Customary Court in Lagos for divorce over alleged battery of his mother by his wife.

Abila said that his wife Tina, 35, with whom he lives for 10 years permanently beats up his mother without any reason.
The man claimed that his wife is uncontollable and has turned his mother into a punching bag, alleging that she is a witch.
Narrating his story he confessed that Tina once arrested his mother, claiming that she intended to poison her food.
Ayuda also said that the wife does not want to see any of his relatives, anytime they come around the war begins.
The petitioner described his wife as a troublemaker, who regularly fought on the streets.
According to Ayuda, whenever the woman is fighting, people come to his house wanting him to separate the fighters.
And when he comes Tina transferres anger to him by fighting and embarrassing in public.
The man asked the court to dissolve the marriage as he is fed up with the union and can't cope with her constant beating and harassment of mother and her hostility to siblings.
Responding to the court Tina said that she never beat her mother-in-law and it was quite the opposite.
The mother of two revealed that her husband did not allow her to go and see her parents, as he wanted her to be indoors.
Tina urged the court not to dissolve the marriage, saying that although they have some problems she was still in love with her husband.
The case was adjourned till March 26 for further hearing

PHOTOS: Breasts Obsessed Woman Wants To Double Breast Size Despite Death Warning

The surgery addicted 45-year-old woman, who has already spent $250,000 on her body, vowed to never stop having implants until she has the world's biggest boobs.

A mother-of-six, Lacey Wildd, says that she although she is proud to be plastic she is still looking for the perfect body, and ready to undergo the13th boob job to boost breasts from LLL size to a whopping QQQ.
While her young daughter likes mother's popularity as "boobs can pay the rent and stuff", the older son wants mother to take a step back and think about the consequences.
Lacey's, whose real name is Paula Simonds, bulging breasts have made her famous on the streets of LA and she regularly gets stopped to pose for photos with hypnotized viewers.

Monday, March 17, 2014

****Nollywood actor, Emma Ehumadu involved in an accident****

Nollywood actor, Emma Ehumadu, aka Labista is a very lucky man!..he almost lost his life while filming an armed robbery scene at a movie location in Asaba, Delta state on Wednesday, March 12th. The accident occurred around 2pm. At the time, Emma Ehumadu and Zubby Michael were in a car, which was being driven by Jim Iyke.

Unfortunately, the brakes of the car failed, and during Jim Iyke's attempt to avoid hitting bystanders, Emma Ehumadu was hit on the head by the open door of a stationary vehicle. Jim Iyke immediately drove the injured actor to the hospital, while Zubby Michael administered first aid to him.

I pray he will get well soon in Jeusu name.... Amen!

Movie Producer Reveals Secrets Of Nollywood Actresses (SEE)

There has been reports by some Nollywood actresses claiming movie producers se'xually harass them, demand to sleep with them before they can get roles in their movies. However a producer, Ken Okafor has spoken out to say the reverse is the case.

The movie producer who even went on to share his experience said the actresses even go to the extent of blackmailing the producer.

According to him, “When I was shooting my first movie, Dangerous Licence, I got a call from an actress asking me where I was. I told her I was in my hotel room. She said she really wanted to see me but I told her we would see on set the next morning as it was late at night. She insisted that it was an emergency and pleaded with me to give her the address of my hotel. Reluctantly, I gave her the address. I met her at the bar and she was seductively dressed. She said she needed to be in the movie and came to do her own audition in my room. She said she would have oral se'x with me and make my night. I felt pity for her and asked why she was doing this and she said it was the way to rise in the industry. Out of pity, I cast her in my movie and urged her not to let se'x become the key to her career. It was quite an awkward moment for me.”

On actresses blackmailing producers in order to get roles.
“It is natural and human for a producer to find an actress attractive and ask her out for a date. What I see as se'xual assault is when you are forced to accept such. Producers are constantly se'xually harassed by actresses but we are always quiet about it. However, I am not denying its true existence, it happens,” he said.
- See more at:

Why Chelsea Suffer Defeat Against Aston Villa-Mourinho

Coach Jose Mourinho has revealed why Chelsea, surprisingly, suffered a 1-0 defeat against Aston Villa in the English Premier League, EPL, on Saturday.

* Mourinho 
According to Mourinho, centre referee Chris Foy was responsible for the defeat and should not be allowed to take charge of any more Chelsea matches in the future.
Foy dismissed two Chelsea players, Willian and Ramires, in Saturday's 1-0 defeat at Aston Villa and also sent the Portuguese manager to the stands.
Mourinho, who initially kept his views to himself after the game at Villa Park, risks being disciplined by the FA for his dismissal and for what he said later.
The two Brazilian players were both sent off in the second half while Mourinho was ordered to the stands after a touchline fracas following Ramires' late red card for his stamp on Karim El Ahmadi.
Foy has sent off six Chelsea players in eight matches and has now twice sent off two in a match after dismissing Jose Bosingwa and Didier Drogba against Queens Park Rangers in 2011-12.
"Maybe it would be helpful that the committee doesn't send him to our matches," Mourinho told reporters.
"I don't have the right to request that. It's just I think they have to analyse the situation and see if every time he has Chelsea - or not every time - but many times he has Chelsea and problems are there, I think maybe it would be a good decision."
Mourinho will learn his possible fate after Foy has sent in his report to the FA, and could face both a fine and a touchline ban.

SEE Why This Federal University Expels 5 Students

Five students of Federal University of Technology (FUT), Minna, Niger State have been expelled from the institution.

According to a statement signed by the university’s Registrar, Mrs. Victoria Kolo, in Minna on Monday, the students were expelled because they engaged in examination malpractices.
Mrs Kolo said the action would serve as deterrent to others nursing similar ideas, disclosing the names of the expelled students as: Ishola Kolawole, Department of Chemical Engineering; Sani Francis, Agriculture and Bio Resources Engineering; Wole Agbaje, Electrical/Computer Engineering; Akpan Augustus, Chemical Engineering and Michael Idahosa, Library and Information Technology.
The registrar, however, called on students of the institution to desist from acts capable of smearing their names, and put in positive effort that would lead them to success. 

About 150 Victims Of Kaduna Attacks Buried In Mass Grave Amidst Tears

The bodies of about 150 Southern Kaduna locals were buried in a mass grave in Unguwant Gata, Maroa Chiefdom of Karua Local Government Area of the state.
Note: Photo is given for illustrational purposes only
It was gathered that all Southern Kaduna villages were mourning over the attacks, as special prayers were offered for the deceased in all churches.
The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), the umbrella body for ethnic nationalities in the southern part of Kaduna State, declared that the people of the area, would defend themselves against the frequent attacks and massacres by Fulani gunmen.
In his address, the President of SOKAPU, Dr Ephraim Goje, said added that the government and the security agencies were not capable of protecting the people in Kaduna.
He added that over 5,000 people had been displaced in the 40 attacks on communities in the southern part of the state since 2011.
“The recent attack was led by two well-known young Fulanis residents in Manchock town, who died in the process. Their dead bodies had clearly and unambiguously been identified by the natives and their corpses are now kept by the Joint Task Force in Kafanchan for further forensic screening.
“This has clearly vindicated us and confirms our earlier position that the Fulanis have declared a jihad on the people of Southern Kaduna and Nigeria, evidenced by this genocide in Bondong, the murder in Katsina State, Birnin Gwari, Plateau, Zamfara, Taraba, Benue, among others.
Dr Goje added that despite the security agencies boasted the arrests of suspects, those bandits had been seen “working freely on the streets the next day”.
SOKAPU leader also noted that each time the attackers are being chased by security agents from Kaduna State, they run to the Plateau, where they walk freely to celebrate their so-called victories.
It would be recalled that Sankwai, Tekum and Unguwan Gata villages in Maroa Chiefdom were under attack by, what villagers said, Fulani gunmen on March 15, 2014, Saturday. No fewer than 200 locals reported dead, while the three villages plundered and burnt down.

PHOTOS: Meet Geneveive's Gorgeous Daughter

If you kept wondering what the daughter of one of the most beautiful Nollywood actresses, Genevieve Nnaji, looks like, now you have a chance to take a peek...

Theo for friends and Chimebuka for family members, the girl had her secondary education at Federal Government Girls’ College, Akure and studied mass communication in Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka.

Immigration Stampede Deaths, Consequence Of PDP's Failure

Binoculars Magazine
The All Progressives Congress has said it is greatly distressed at the deaths of 19 job seekers at the venues of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) job test on Saturday, calling it a direct consequence of the 15 years of misrule by the PDP-led federal government.
"Despite huge yearly budgets rolled out since 1999, the PDP-led federal government has failed to create jobs for our teeming youth, and the number of those who are jobless has now reached such an alarming rate that a job emergency may have to be declared to avert an impending cataclysm. 
"Massive mindless looting of the public treasury has seen funds that could have been used to create millions of jobs end up in the deep pockets of corrupt government and PDP officials, without any consequence for the thieves, while the incompetent federal government led by a clueless President continues to deceive the public with cooked figures showing job creation where indeed there have been job losses. 
"Today, sadly, the truth has been laid bare: 5,000 or so vacancies declared by NIS have attracted over six million applicants, from which over half a million was shortlisted, according to published reports, and the desperation of our youth to eke out a decent living has been exploited by a villainous government that forced each applicant to cough out 1,000 Naira, thus raking in 6 billion Naira from jobless people."

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Photos: Woman Caught By Her In-Laws Slee’ping With Her Husband’s Friend In A Hotel

What seemed like a sugar and honey later turned very bitter and sore for a woman called Sheila when she realized that her cup was full and that it could be poisonous to cheat on your spouse.
Sheila, was caught by the family of her husband called Father Joy in one of the nearby guest house following a tip off from a neighbor that Father Joy’s childhood friend had been seeing Sheila secretly. After some interrogations, they started beating her until it drawn the attention of the surrounding neighbors.
See Pictures below:

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I’ve Not Been To Church In 18 Years Now ––Actress Liz Anjorin
Controversial actress, Liz Anjorin is back on the scene and her latest movie is set to drop in May. She shared some personal information with Entervaganza especially on her conversion from Christianity to Islam:

There’s this rumour that it’s the man you want to marry that made you convert to Islam.
I converted because of my mum. No man can make me change to Islam.

Daniela Okeke Flaunts Her Killer Assets In New Séxy Photos

Trust Daniela Okeke to always get the guy asking her for more of her assets and especially the big 'ikebe'...

"I've infected 324 men with HIV" -19 year old Kenyan student (SEE Photo)

A female student at Kabarak University in Nakuru, Kenya has confessed she deliberately infected 324 people with HIV.The girl, 19, whose name is  unknown, says she has set her target for at least 2,000 men acting in revenge after she was infected by a man at a party.
According to International Business Times....The girl allegedly contacted Kenyan Scandals on Facebook and claimed she had something to confess.

After she was assured her identity was going to be protected (the Kenyan Daily Post, however, published a picture from her Facebook profile along with the  article) she wrote:

I'm 19 and a 2nd year here at Kubarak Uni. I joined this Uni a virgin though I've had boyfriends before, my parents were so strict so having sex was never on my mind
"Sep 22nd 2013 is a day I''ll never forget, we went clubbing in town and got drunk with some senior students then went back hostels for party round 2".

Photo: KaySwitch and girlfriend welcome baby

Kayswitch and his Liberian beauty queen girlfriend Meenakshi Monica Subramani welcomed a baby in the early hours of today. The proud & excited father shared a pic of the bundle of joy on instagram

Chris Brown jailed after being thrown out of rehab...

According to a TMZ report, Chris Brown was arrested in Malibu yesterday after getting kicked out of rehab for violating rules...

From TMZ,
Chris Brown is in jail right now, because he violated a judge's order by getting booted from the rehab facility where he's been living for nearly 4 months ... TMZ has learned.   The judge in the Rihanna beating case ordered Chris to live in the Malibu rehab facility for 90 days to get anger management therapy, and he completed the stint earlier this month.  But ... at the last court hearing, the judge modified things and ordered Chris to stay in the facility while the Washington D.C. assault case ran its course.The deal was this ... if Chris left rehab, he would go directly to jail.Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Brown was thrown out of the rehab facility this morning, for violating

Beauty of the day: Nollywood actress, Idongesit Bruno

Fast rising Nollywood actress and model, Idongesit Bruno fondly called I.D by friends is our beauty of the day. The Akwa Ibom state born beauty acted in her first movie in 2006 before taking a break a few years ago, but she is now back with a bang. Check out more lovely pics after the cut!...

UNIMAID Refutes Rumours Of Attacks

Authorities of the University of Maiduguri has dismissed rumours that the institution was attacked by insurgents on Friday, saying the bomb blasts heard by students were from Giwa Barracks near the institution.
Earlier reports on Friday stated that students of the institution, alarmed by the loud explosions, thought their school was under attack, but the school authorities said the insurgents did not come anywhere near the institution.
The Chief Information Officer of the University, Mr Mohammed Ahmed, said that the heavy security presence around the university prevented the insurgents from gaining access into the university.
“There isn’t any attack on the university by the insurgents. Anybody conversant with the terrain of the university and the barracks, will understand that it is
the sound of the reverberation of the bombs in the barracks that was heard by students of the university who thought it was in the university.

Queen Nwokoye Shares Picture Of Her Twin Sons

Actress Queen Nwokoye is a mother of twins…
The actress was on a movie set with her two boys
few days ago and shared this photo of her and her
kids via Instagram. Queen is a proud
mother of twins! Though am not yet sure if she
has more than 2 children.
I’m sure some of you are surprised…

Hmmm !!! He confessed his sin and died

Pastor Confesses Adultery In Church To Congregation, Then Drops Dead . 

A Connecticut pastor seeking to cleanse his soul for a long-past infidelity met fire and brimstone, then forgiveness from his flock before reportedly keeling over from a suspected heart attack.

Bishop Bobby Davis, pastor and founder of the Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Bridgeport, kept parishioners after services Sunday, saying he wanted to come clean about an apparent affair he'd had, one congregant told the Connecticut Post. Although police are investigating the incident, indications are that he suffered a fatal heart attack after getting a mixed response.

"After the service on Sunday, the bishop's family asked us to remain in the church and the bishop confessed to us something that happened long ago," parishioner Judy Stovall told the newspaper. "He wanted to come clean with all of us. He wanted to ask our forgiveness."

Nokia turns to Android with Nokia X

Nokia X Android smartphones preview

Up close and personal with the Nokia X, the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL...
It wasn’t exactly a well-kept secret but it’s still surprising nonetheless – Nokia has unveiled its first Android handset at Mobile World Congress 2014.
In fact, it has unveiled three handsets – the Nokia X, the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL.
We got our grubby paws on the new smartphones at the Barcelona-based tech expo.

Do you know Johannesburg is the most active twitter City in Africa

Most Active Twitter City? Johannesburg

Johannesburg leads with 344 215 geo-located tweets followed by Ekurhuleni, Cairo, Durban and Egypt's Alexandria.

A recent study conducted by How Africa Tweets has identified some interesting things regarding the African continent's tweeting patterns.
Conducted by communications agency Portland, the study was created to pin-point just how active Africans are on Twitter, and what it is they like to talk about.
We've collected some of the findings here, so click through our gallery to see who tweets the most, what they're tweeting about, and even which days are the most popular to tweet on along the African continent...

‘I Want A Man Who Will Be Proud Of Me’ – Victoria Kimani

First lady of Chocolate City Record label, Victoria Kimani in a radio interview with Times FM talks about marriage.

The female singer talked about her kind of man she'll want to settle down while in Tanzania during a performance visit.
In her words:
‘When the right time comes, and the right time is when God will bring for me the right man’.
‘I cannot just give-in to a man blindly without thinking of the long term consequences; I must look at his qualities keenly since apart from being my husband, the guy will be the father of my children. Getting a responsible man who you connect with and has respect for God and himself at this age and era is not an easy task’.
I want a man who I will date to be proud of me as his girlfriend. He must show me love at all times, he must be God fearing and hard working and creative in everything he does. 
My man must take me out to different places to have fan, not just at one particular joint every now and then. I want to go for mountain climbing, to go swim at the beach and to tour different parts of the world. I wanna have fans and be happy throughout my life. A happy person remains youthful for a long time and that’s what I want in life.’