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A 16-yr-old robbed a bank using a toy gun and made away with 100s of Euros

A 16-year-old in Germany made off with hundreds of euros after he held up a bank using a toy gun, but was quickly apprehended when he fled by bicycle, police said on Saturday.

The teenager managed to pocket "a four-figure sum" after he stormed into a bank in the southern Bavarian town of Bad Füssing on Friday brandishing a fake gun and shouting "Hold-up!", local police said.

The boy then raced off on his bike, chased by a witness in a car.

He was apprehended by police several minutes later while trying to cross the border into Austria.

He surrendered to officers and admitted to the crime.


Charles Warren, a veteran Nollywood actor died yesterday, Thursday night.

It was gathered that the actor, in the evening, complained of severe chest pains and was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead.

His first major break was a movie titled "Mark of the Beast" which featured Majek Fashek in 2001.

He was one of the script writers for "Dear Mother."

The first child of the family and only son. He's survived by a father, mother and 5 sisters.

Uncovered: The macabre sex chamber of Libya's Colonel Gaddafi where he raped girls - and boys - as young as 14

IT has been more than two years since the capture and death of Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator whose reign subjected an impoverished people to four decades of murder and terror.

When the bedraggled former leader was hauled out of a drainpipe and shot in October 2011, his death ended the bloody Nato-led civil war that had ravaged the country since the start of that year.

The full horror of his brutality has been slow to emerge, with many Libyans still fearing retaliation by those who continue to be loyal to their late leader. But it can now be revealed that the most heartbreaking of Gaddafi’s victims include hundreds, possibly thousands of teenage girls who, throughout his 42-year reign, were beaten, raped and forced to become his sex slaves.

I Have Regular Gay Sex With Some Nigerian Politicians - Nigerian Gay Man

Six years ago, Musa Ali (not his real name) was linked up with a rich businessman in Yola, who 'initiated' him into gay sex. Ali was told that being gay would make him bold and feared. Of course, he was also told that he would make a huge load of money. Now 36, Ali is somewhat filled with regrets and wishing it were possible to turn back the hands of the clock. Sitting in the serene evening of last Thursday in Bankin Kogi at the bank of River Benue in Yola after a Herculean arrangement to get him to talk, he shared his story by granting sun news an interview.

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Would you Rock this Gown ???

(PHOTOS) Rihanna shows off Hot legs and cleavage

Is this sexy or trash ???

Can Trapped Emotions Cause Painful Relationships?

While the ideal might be to have relationships that are always harmonious and are free from pain, during and even when they come to an end, this is not how life works. All relationships have some kind of conflict and if they don't, there is probably a lot of repression taking place.

And what will cause some of the conflict, will be each person's history that arises and this will naturally vary. Some people will have a lot of emotional baggage and others won't have quiet so much.

Human beings are not meant to be perfect and so having 'issues' is nothing to be ashamed off. With it often being more about what one does with what has happened to them, as opposed to what has happened.

However, although everyone does experience pain in their relationships, not everyone is going to have the same degree of pain. Of course, it is not really possible to directly match one persons experience with another.

The main way to see the difference is how people behave not only in their relationships but also when they experience an end to them.

Emotional Intensity
One way of looking at this pain is to think of it is terms of emotional intensity. If someone is emotional cut off and numb or out of touch with their emotions for one reason or another, then they are unlikely to feel anything.

So with this aside, there is going to be a certain degree of emotional expression taking place for someone who can feel. When one is with another person, it is inevitable that certain emotions will arise. These could be: rejection, abandonment, betrayal, jealousy, anger powerlessness, guilt and shame amongst others.

This emotional experience could also appear when ones relationships come to an end; with it being even stronger than when they were with the other person.

Different Experiences
On one side will be the people who can feel some or even all of the emotions above and more from time to time and be able to maintain a fairly stable relationship. There will be conflict and it won't always be perfect, but there is unlikely to be drama.

And when their relationships end, there is again going to be emotions that are felt. How long the relationships lasted can define how strong one will feel them and yet it could be a shorter one that made an impact.
Soon after, they will return to feeling emotionally stable or might even leave before things got too bad. This allows them to avoid a lot of the emotional damage that would have been done if they had held on for longer.

Promiscuous men are Prone To Prostate Cancer – Expert

Ibadan – A Consultant at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Dr Taiwo Soyinka , says Nigerian men who have multiple intimate partners are more prone to prostate cancer.
Soyinka told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Tuesday, in Ibadan that prostate cancer is the abnormal growth of cells within the prostate gland.
The consultant said the ailment was common in men who are over 60 years of age, adding that those who had more than one intimate partner were mostly affected.
She advised Nigerian men to be alert to certain body pains, saying this might be early signs of cancer.
“Some of the cancer symptoms in men are specific and they involve certain body parts and may even point directly to the possibility of cancer.
“A mass in the scrotum or testicles may point to a cancer of that part of the body.
“ But not all pains in parts of the private parts lead to cancer but the possibility should not be ruled out,” she said.
The consultant advised men to look for signs of prostate cancer early so as to reduce the high risk factor.
“I will advise men to look for a dull persistent pain in the lower back and the pelvic area. This is the most common sign of prostate cancer, ‘’ she said.
Soyinka said spotting signs of any type of cancer early could lead to about 80 percent survival rate, adding that the survival rate of prostate cancer had doubled in the country in the last 10 years compared to the 1970s.
She also said there were more reasons for hope as there were better drugs as well as more advanced treatment options for cancer.
The consultant further advised men to live a healthy intimate life at all times as well as learn to look for signs and symptoms of cancer early. (NAN)

Juan mata's transfer to MANCHESTER UNITED has been completed

The transfer of +Juan Mata  to Manchester United has been completed.  #CFC.

SEE 16-Year-Old Girl Locked In A Cage For Two & Half Years By Her Parents Over Alleged Witchcraft Illness

Tongues have begun to wag in Bayelsa following the discovery of a 16-year-old girl, Blessing Olokumo who had been locked up in a cage for the past 30 months by her parents over an alleged witchcraft induced illness.

read more

Brazillian Prostitutes Prepares for 2014 world Cup

Brazilian prostitutes are reportedly taking free English classes so they can provide esteemed services for tourists during the 2014 World Cup which kicks off in June.

It should be mentioned that prostitution is legal in Brazil and the country has long been considered a popular erotic destination for those seeking sexual experiences abroad.

"DEMONIC"- A teenager from Chicago, USA, reportedly stabbed her 11-year-old sister to death

A teenager from Chicago, USA, reportedly stabbed her 11-year-old sister to death because she felt 'unappreciated'.
It has been gathered that the 14-year-old girl allegedly stabbed her half-sibling more than 30 times, while the victim was in bed, because the youngster had hit her and was ungrateful for meals cooked for her.

(WATCH) Maheeda - Naija Bad Girl [Explicit Video HD]

Real Madrid Have 'NO' Interest in Wayne Rooney

Real Madrid have no intention of signing Wayne Rooney during the summer, quashing reports that suggested the Manchester United man is a more viable option than landing Sergio Aguero or Radamel Falcao .
As reported by Guillem Balague , Bleacher Report UK guest columnist and Spanish football expert at Sky Sports, Los Blancos almost certainly will not make a move for the English forward:

(EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR) -"I was right at the bottom of the hole. Even people in my own country and family, criticised me.

Emmanuel Adebayor in a new interview has said he went through a lot during his dark days at Tottenham under Andre Villas-Boas.
The coach saw nothing in him and even his family called him rubbish and said the little success he had before then was just luck, until his story changed. Here is what he said in the new interview and how Tim Sherwood came to his rescue;

Okonjo-Iweala "Threatens" DFID Over Unfavourable 2014 Meduim Term Expenditure framework Report

Panic has descended on the staff of the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) as Nigeria’s Minister of Finance and Co-ordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, has threatened a showdown if the 2014 Medium Term Expenditure Framework report prepared by the development institution is published.


This is the picture of the 33 year old nun, who said she didn't know she was pregnant...
Circled is the Salvadorean nun who said she had no idea she was pregnant when she gave birth to a baby boy last week (Find the story here).  
33 year old Roxana Rodriguez, a nun with the order of the Little Disciples of Jesus, initially claimed she thought her labour pains were 'stomach cramps' when an ambulance rushed her to the hospital.

SEXY OR NOT !!! Kim Kadashian In Low-Neck Jumpsuit

Kanye West's boo, Kim Kardashian, sure knows how to set her wardrobe to match her sexy personality.

The mother of one stepped out in a space-inspired couture jumpsuit for a Paris Fashion Week show earlier today.

As she is seen in this silver number with a low v-line neck that shows off her buds, it's up to you to decide if it's classy, sexy or just wrong.

Gay Law: US Threatens To Sanction Nigeria And Pulls Support Programmes

Leading western countries piled pressure on the Federal government, yesterday, following President Goodluck Jonathan's signing of the Same-Sex Prohibition Act 2014.

The latest country is the United States of America, whose Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr James Entwistle threatened that the United States will scale down its support for HIV/AIDS and anti-malaria programmes in response to the Federal Government's position on the gay rights issue.

Member countries of the European Union and Canada have expressed their objection to the law but United States Ambassador to Nigeria said he was worried about "the implications of the anti-same sex marriage law which seems to restrict the fundamental rights of a section of the Nigerian population."

This came as a former Nigerian Ambassador to US, Dahiru Suleiman, yesterday, described homosexuality and lesbianism as "animalistic and degrading to humanity."

A mother of two was stripped naked and conveyed in a wheelbarrow to her father's house

The young woman is a widow and a second wife to an indigene of Eshiukwu in Nwangele LGA. She was put in a wheelbarrow naked with her two children, driven around villages, while youths chanted war songs. The woman was finally returned to her father's compound in a nearby community known as Isiala.

The eyewitnesses said the woman was a well-known "serial adilteress" and was deeply involved in it "for material satisfaction."

Apparently, the woman was caught fornicating just a couple of days after her husband's death. Furthermore, she was accused of causing her husband's untimely end. He died from a bloated stomach after suffering for months. The woman used the money she got from her sexual partners to feed her family, which, according to the villagers, is a taboo.

The villagers allege she may have gotten into the mess due to poverty. One eyewitness confirmed that such act could send a man to an early grave, and blamed the woman for not paying her late husband any respect by going after her lovers shortly after the man's demise.

Critics` Chioce Awards: See all the Red carpet Hits and Major Misses!

QnA: How do I stop him, advice needed

This image is a representational image
Am Titi 28years old,I got married last year,but before then I have been having an affair with my boss, I never wanted to but he threatened if I don't I will loose my job, so since then he always come into my office to have sex with me, so when I got married,I thought he would respect that and let me be but instead he continued.

SEE Okonjo-Iweala’s Response To House Finance Committee’s 50 Questions

The Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, has responded to the 50 questions raised by the House of Representatives Committee on Finance on the state of the economy.

In her response, the Minister provided detailed 100-page answers to the questions.

In a statement issued by her Special Adviser on Media, Mr. Paul Nwabuikwu, the Minister said the document provides extensive detail, some of which came in form of tables and graphs.

It was gathered that the document was delivered to all members of the finance committee on the evening of Wednesday.

Okonjo-Iweala in her response said that regardless of the many challenges that remain obvious, the Nigerian economy was showing real and measurable progress in many areas, adding that "This can be seen in the fact that more jobs are being created; roads, rail and other infrastructure are being improved; the country is saving for the future and planning better for the present."

According to her, "The Jonathan administration, contrary to the impression given by some critics, is making an impact in the areas that, according to credible opinion polls, Nigerians are most passionate about.

Read response below:

Is this coming from TONTO DIKE or an IMPOSTER

As news of the controversial law banning same-sex marriages continues to make headlines worldwide, Tonto Dikeh one of Nollywood's finest has taken to her facebook page to say what she thinks about the law. 
See what she said Below:

Unveiled!!!! Xperia E1 and T2 Ultra Smartphones

Sony has expanded its Xperia line with the introduction of not two, but four new smartphones: the Sony Xperia E1, Sony Xperia E1 Dual, Sony Xperia T2 Ultra, and the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual.
The new Xperia phones, both the Xperia E1 and Xperia T2 Ultra, will be available in two variants:

PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus and her Hilarious Hair styles

A 1ST YEAR student died in Cyprus after being knocked down by a Car

Gabriel, 20, a first year student of Electrical/Electronic Engineering at the university located in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, was knocked down by a female driver on July 13, 2013.

As a result of the impact of the accident, he fell into a coma and eventually died on September 7, 2013. The university authorities flew his remains via Turkish Airline to Nigeria five days later.

The Director, International Office, Cyprus International University, Patrick Douse, has apologised to the family of a Nigerian student, Gabriel Soriwei, who was killed in the North Cyprus city of Nicosia.

May God give his Family, the fortitude to bear the loss and May His Soul rest in peace. Amen

2 Sisters Burnt to death, 3 Others wounded in Lagos"

Tragedy stuck on Ajani Kuti Street, Oworonshoki, Lagos State, after fire engulfed a trader's shop, killing two sisters - three-year-old Nura Onashokun; and 10-year-old Olabisi Onashokun.

It was learnt that their 40-year-old mother, Hajara, sustained severe injuries in the fire which lasted for over 20 minutes.

It was learnt that two rescuers, Wasiu Alausa and Sola Akinola; also sustained severe burns in the fire

Read what T.B Joshua have to say on SAME SEX MARRIAGE BAN

A highly-discussed bill against same-sex marriages, which has recently been made law by President Goodluck Jonathan, caused reaction of the Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Speaking on the issue through a new initiative on his ministries official Facebook page, in which the cleric responds to people's questions in an interactive session, he said:

"Judge not, so that you will not be judged," Joshua began, citing Matthew 7:1 for Scriptural backing. "We should talk to people to be saved and not to die. I mean, we should talk salvation, not condemnation. The Bible is my standard," he continued in the post to almost 900,000 fans.

The cleric proceeded:

"If my parents were one, I would not have been given birth to," he proceeded poignantly. "Those that are asking this question - if your parents were one, you would not have been given birth to. You that are reading me - if your parents were one, you would not be reading this today. God bless the reader and the hearer."

(NEW VIDEO) Watch Flavour's 'Ikwokrikwo' Ft Dillish

The much anticipated video of Flavour's Ikwokrikwo featuring Big brother 'The Chase' winner, Dillish Mathews is finally out.
The video which was shot in South Africa with Dillish as the Nigerian music star's leading lady.
Directed by Clarence Peters,
Ikwokrikwo is a single from Flavour's album - Blessed.
Watch video below

U.S on Monday criticized Nigeria's Same-sex Marriage Ban

The United States on Monday criticized Nigeria for approving a law that punishes same-sex marriage with prison, saying the move would curtail basic human rights.
Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States was “deeply concerned” by Nigeria’s new law which “dangerously restricts freedom of assembly, association and expression for all Nigerians.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world's best footballer 2013

Portugal and Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo was named the world's best footballer for the second time on Monday, preventing his great rival Lionel Messi from winning the award for a fifth year in a row.

W H A T ??? Beyonce Refuses to be Kim's Bridesmaid

Kim Kardashian asked Beyoncé to be a bridesmaid to which the singer immediately refused, Star magazine reports.

Why do you think, Beyonce refused.....

Thousands took to the streets in celebration of Djotodia's departure

Thousands of people allegedly took to the streets in celebration of Djotodia's departure, fresh gunfire was reported while mosques and Muslim-owned shops and houses were attacked and looted.

Woman complained Over Husbands Manhood and seeks advice on Nairaland

She said; "My husband’s manhood is so small and I am not getting enough of it….
What can I do? After getting married I thought my sex life will change. But my husband has a small manhood.
We did not have sex when we were courting because he wanted us to do it the right way.

Please I need advice because I was sexually active before we got married...."

She needs your advice...

5 people drowned in lagos Bar Beach

At least five people have drowned at the Lagos Bar Beach, Lagos, this year, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) confirms.
In his interview to P.M.NEWS, the spokesperson of NEMA, Ibrahim Farinloye, revealed that one of them was an adult, who was reportedly washed away from the ocean on January 11, 2014, Saturday,

Could this be the Real face of LAGBAJA ?

According to journalist; There are indications that the real face of mysterious always-masked afrobeat musician Lagbaja has been finally revealed to the audience.
So far, the afrobeat singer who is in far away United States has not confirmed if the face is actually his or if he is the one that made the picture public or mandated someone to do so on his behalf.
It is however hard to ignore the striking similarities between this face and the masked one especially the lips, eyes and shape of chin.

TRAGIC: 10 Passengers Burnt to Death as Bus caught fire

This is a Representational image
Tragedy struck in Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria, yesterday, as a Delta City 14-passenger town service commercial bus caught fire, killing 10 passengers including a pregnant woman.
Four people, including the driver, survived. The bus was heading towards Enerhen Junction.
It was gathered that the bus with number plate 14 C-74 DT burst into flames at about 3.04pm along the ever busy PTI road near Emasodje junction.
The accident caused serious vehicular traffic as officials of the FRSC, military men and Policemen retrieved the burnt corpses.


Rev.Chris Okotie runs for 2015 Presidential sit

Rev. Okotie, nursing a strong presidential ambition , announced his intention to become Nigeria’s number one citizen in 2015.
In a exclusive interview with The Punch, Rev. Okotie said he will run in 2015, God willing.
“God spoke to me about my participation in the political process, which was why I took the step in the first place. He has not said anything contrary.’’, Rev. Okotie said.
For the Head Pastor, Household of God Church International Ministries there is no such thing as quitting. Despite losing the presidential election twice, the dream to become Nigeria’s president has not faded

SEE GIRL: Brutally beaten by Close friend over a Boy

The girl in the pic below is Shamichael Manuel, a 17-yr-old student at cypress creek High school, who was reportedly; brutally beaten by a girl named Shakeisha over a boy.
Shamichael said, she was headed to a friend’s place to pick up some of her belongings when Sharkeisha attacked her, viciously punching and kicking her.
shamichael said “I was just in shock. I was like oh my God. Did she really do this? You’re supposed to be my close friend,” Manuel said.

DOWNLOAD #SeeLove_By_Essence (New Music)

Kennis Music’s resident songbird Essence shines in a new mid-tempo romantic ballad the singer’s team just set free. ‘See Love’ is produced by praised producer VC Perez and is arguably one of Essence’s best released songs yet. Essence Okoro’s distinct vocals glides effortlessly calm yet groovy instrumentation as she sings about the ups and down of love. Lovely and melodious tune! click here to download

SEE WHY MAN sued Close-up to court....

In what could prove to be a major marketing and legal embarrassment for Unilever Nigeria Limited (UNL), a 26-year-old man has filed a case against the company, which owns the Close Up toothpaste brand, for ‘cheating’ and causing him ‘mental suffering’.
The plaintiff has cited his failure to attract any girl at all even though he’s been using Close-Up toothpaste for over seven years now. Close-Up advertisements suggest that the product helps men in instantly attracting women by letting their breaths out.

Anthony Olatunfe, the petitioner, also surrendered all his used, unused and half-used Close-Up tubes to the court, and demanded a laboratory test of the products. Anthony was pushed to take this step when his female boss slapped his face when he tried to kiss her after brushing his teeth with the Close-Up toothpaste.

“Where is the Close-Up effect? I’ve been waiting for it for over seven years. Right from my college to now in my office, no girl ever agreed to even go out for a tea or coffee with me, even though I’m sure they could smell my breath. I always brush my teeth with so much close up gel to make sure the girls get turned on by my fresh breath as they usually show on TV. “

Anthony claims that he had been using the toothpaste as per the company’s instructions even since he first bought them. He argued that if he couldn't experience the Close-Up effect despite using the product as directed, either the company was making false claims or selling fake products.

“I had always stored them in cool and dry place, and kept them away from direct light or heat. I brushed my teeth morning and night. I did everything they instructed. I even beat up my 5-year-old nephew for coming near my toothpaste, as they had instructed to keep away from children’s reach. And yet, all I get is a slap from my boss.” Anthony expressed his frustration.

Unilever has officially declined to comment on the case citing the subject to be sub judice, but our sources inform that the company is worried over the possible outcomes of the case. The company might argue that Anthony was hopelessly unattractive and unintelligent and didn't possess the bare minimum requirements for the Close-Up effect to take place. Officially Unilever has not issued any statement, but legal experts believe that they could have tough time convincing the court.

“Unilever might be tempted to argue that Anthony is too ugly to attract a girl, but it is very risky. There is no data to substantiate the supposition that unattractive and unintelligent men don’t attract women. In fact some of the best looking women have been known to marry and date absolutely unattractive guys. I’d suggest that the company settles this issue out of court.” Barrister Festus Keyamo said.


The ritualistic pastor, Pastor Sign Fireman has been confirmed arrested based on the yesterday's report of
him sending a teenager to kill a 12 year old virgin girl which he actually did.
Confirming the incident to a Lagos correspondent this morning, Lagos Police PRO, Mrs. Ngozi Braide said Pastor Fireman was arrested on Tuesday five days after he was declared wanted by the police. 

Man caught HIS BEST FRIEND raping His Wife

A man in his early 40s has been handed a 10-year jail-term after he was found guilty of r*ping his best friend’s wife, court officials in Borno revealed.
The ground-breaking judgment which was handed by Justice Alkali Gana Wakil of the Maiduguri High Court No 11, after he had found it was established that the man, identified as Baba Ghana Mohammed of Damboa Town, Damboa local government area, could not defend his claims of innocence.

A Public display of indiscipline by a Calabar Girl

This video tells you the rate at which immorality has permeated our society. The lady slept with a bad guy and it was recorded live. Funny enough, the Nigeria babe who is from cross river state, calabar, is very proud of her shameful display.
The video is too explicit and cannot be displayed on this blog.

What have to say about; the Man who says he is Jesus Christ

66-year-old Brazilian man Inri Cristo who believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Inri dresses like Jesus, says his mission is to prepare the elect for the formation of the new earthly society, which will strive to fulfill the Creator’s will.

SEE: Why this pretty Lady goes Blind ...

The length people go to alter the way they were created is frightening. I can't seem to understand.
Shenise Farrell is a student who was left temporarily blind after surgery to change the colour of her eyes.

UNBELIEVEABLE PHOTO: Popular Pastor, makes members eat Grass

A South African pastor, Pastor Lesego Daniel is making his members eat grass.
Pastor Daniel, who is the founder and Head Pastor at Rabboni Centre Ministries, situated at Zone 2 Ga-Rankuwa, north of Pretoria, has said that he was basically trying to prove that humans can be controlled by the spirit and they can eat anything to feed their bodies. It's still a mystery how he got to convince adult members of his church to resort to eating grass.
After having made them to eat grass, he then proceeded to march on their backs.

Nigerian Army Killed 38 Boko Haram Terrorists in Borno

According to, 38 suspected members of the Islamist Boko Haram sect were liquidated by the troops of 7th Division of the Nigerian Army in the early hours of January 9, 2014, Thursday, as they planned to attack Damboa town of Borno state.

The aftermath picture of Tanker fire

Fifteen people lost their lives and property worth millions of Naira was destroyed in a fire which occurred at the Berger Suya bus stop in Lagos on Tuesday after a petroleum tanker overturned. 

NEW MUSIC :Modenine – Super Human Ft, Canibus (DOWNLOAD)

UK-born Nigerian MC Modenine releases his newest track “Super Human” featuring Jamaican-born American lyrical heavyweight and Hip-Hop Legend Canibus. The track is off of Modenine‘s upcoming project Above Ground Level (AGL) and is produced by Canadian-based Nigerian DJ/Producer Teckzilla (Straight Butta).


What do you have to say about; Gov Adams Oshiomhole giving N1m to a plantain seller?

According to ; Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo has shown constant benevolence towards less privileged residents of his state.
The governor recently gave a widow N2 million and awarded her son a scholarship. He also extended an offer of a government sponsored education to Daniel Ihekhina, a teenager who stowed away on an Arik flight last year.
Governor Oshiomhole’s generosity has again become a subject of discussion as he gave a plantain hawker a cheque for N1 million yesterday during an inspection of the New Benin market.
Do you think the governor has gone too far?

American Education Dept., University Deny Giving Stella Oduah’s Honorary Ph.D

According; The American National Centre for Education Statistics has told PREMIUM TIMES that the Pacific Christian University, Glendale, which Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah, claimed awarded her a doctorate degree, does not exist, confirming this newspaper’s Wednesday’s report that the minister’s purported honorary Ph.D is fake.

OMG!!! This is Lovely...

Lovely combo of White sleeveless gown, denim tied around the waist with a golden shoe to match... for more details about the outfit, visi...