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Mrs. Alexandra Ossai, Lose Her 7-month-old Pregnancy After Her Boss Kicks Her In Her Stomach

A 34-year-old woman, Mrs. Alexandra Ossai, was Beaten by  her Lebanese boss, Kaveh Noine, causing her to lose her seven-month-pregnancy after he kicked her in the stomach.

Currently at a private hospital in the Fagba area of Lagos State, Ossai revealed that she had undergone emergency surgery four days after the kick to save her life as her placenta was said to have been damaged.

SEE; Rihanna in Her Sexy Version of Mrs. Claus At Christmas Party

Rihanna channeled  a sexy version of Mrs. Claus at a pal's Christmas lingerie party at Priva night club in Barbados Dec. 22.

CHRISMAS TRAGEDY !!! Father threw His 3-year-old Son off the Roof of a 52-story Building

A father threw his young child off the roof of a 52-story Manhattan apartment building in a murder-suicide on the first day he was allowed to be alone with the boy amid an ugly custody battle with the mother, police officials said Monday.

"There was a history of domestic turmoil," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters.
Dmitriy Kanarikov picked up his 3-year-old son at 10 a.m. Sunday at a Manhattan police precinct — a neutral site negotiated in advance by the parents — to spend time with him for the first time "outside of some sort of institutional setting," Kelly said.

Abortion Law Protest: Feminist activists Bare-Breasted Protest (PHOTO +18)

Feminist activists mounted a bare-breasted protest outside a Madrid church on Monday to decry Spain's plan to ban women from freely opting for abortion.

A member of the protest group Femen kneeled on the pavement baring her breasts with the slogans "Christmas is Cancelled" and "Free Abortion" daubed on her chest.


Gunmen kill lecturer in Ogun State, Nigeria

Image: REX Features

Tragedy struck on Wednesday at the Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ago-Iwoye, Ogun, when unknown assailants killed a lecturer, just as ASUU called off its five-month-old strike.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the victim, Dr Segun Onabanjo, was a senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology.

Army destroys 2 tankers

According to MSN,  The Nigerian Army on Sunday publicly burnt two tankers used by suspected vandals to siphon crude oil from a burst pipeline at Ugo, along the Benin-Abraka road in Edo.

Col. Idris Lawan, the Commander of Operation Thunder Storm, supervised the tankers' destruction, which was witnessed by an official of the NNPC.
Lawan said that the tankers were impounded by the army’s pipeline protection team which acted on a tip-off.

He, however, said that the tankers' owners fled on sighting the security team, adding that the tankers would not have been burnt if the owners had been caught.
"You can see that one of the tankers is already loaded with crude while the other was trying to load.
"If we had caught those using the tankers to steal crude, we would not have burnt the tankers; instead, we have prosecuted their owners," he said.

According to him, the tankers’ destruction will serve as a deterrent to others.
Lawan reiterated the army's resolve to stamp out pipeline vandalism in the area, warning pipeline vandals to desist from the act or face arrest and prosecution.

He said that the army was collaborating with other security agencies to stamp out pipeline vandalism in Edo and its environs.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the two tankers, with registration number XC 808 AKL and ABJ 678 XA, could carry 33, 000 litres and 42, 000 litres of fuel respectively.

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An Incredible Chrismas Gift, That Got Me in Tears...

Two years after her death, woman gives family wonderful Christmas gift

Brenda Schmitz (Star 102.5)

A woman who died more than two years ago has given her family an incredible post-humous Christmas gift.
Brenda Schmitz, wife and mother of four, passed away in September 2011 after a battle with ovarian cancer. She was 46.
A month before she died,

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One more After the cut

How Drunken Policeman Shot Me In The Leg

This is a Representational Image
An official of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Mangshin Mundi, who was shot three times in his left leg by a member of Abuja Crimes Control Squad 44 last Friday, said the errant policeman acted under the influence of alcohol.

The injured officer, who is being treated at the General Hospital, Wuse, Abuja told PUNCH Metro that an x-ray indicated that three bullets were lodged in his leg, adding that the medical doctor, who examined him, said the objects would be removed later.

Tokyo governor resigns over money scandal

The governor of Tokyo resigned on Thursday after he admitted receiving $500,000 from a hospital tycoon ahead of his election in what he claimed was an interest-free, personal loan.

Naoki Inose, who was elected head of one of the world's biggest cities a year ago, said he had handed his letter of resignation to the head of the assembly.

Fire guts NNPC mega station

Three persons on Thursday sustained various degree of injuries following the outbreak of fire at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Mega Station in Abuja.

How to get Your Adsense account approved in a Day

I have had so many mails on how to get an approved Adsense Account, so i decided to write on it, so that everyone can get the info, i was Disapproved a lot of times by Google Adsense, because my Blog site is not up to standard. I know how discouraging this can be knowing fully well that Google Adsense is the Highest paying advertising company online

then i notice these easy steps;

9-Year-Old Student In Bauchi was Raped By Her Headmaster

In a very disturbing incident, an assistant Headmaster of Jibril Aminu Primary School in Bauchi has been nabbed for raping a 9-year-old pupil of the school.

42-year-old Mr James Dantayi was arrested after police received the complaint of a rape incident in the school.

Sources have revealed that the rape victim was a primary three pupil.

“The victim who is a pupil of Jibril Aminu Primary school was raped by their assistant headmaster after school hours.

A Pastor Murdered a Man in His Vehicle and Set the Car Ablaze

Commissioner of Police,CP Foluso Adebanjo who narrated how Mrs Enebong Victor Isonguyo planned the murder of her husband with her Pastor lover, Prince Udoka Nkanchukwu, said they both confessed to be lovers and plotted the death of the NPDC staff and father of three.

42yrs old Headmaster, arrested for raping primary 3 pupil in school

This is a Representational Image
Mr James Dantayi, has been arrested by the Bauchi State Police command for allegedly raping a nine-year-old pupil of the Jibril Aminu Primary school, Bauchi.
The police have commenced investigation into the case of a 42-year-old man, who is an assistant headmaster of  the school.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Haruna Mohammed, said when the police received a lodged complaint of a rape in the school, it investigated the report by visiting the school and apprehended the suspect.

SHOCKING !!! Police Caught Serving Permanent secretary and 7 others while performing rituals in Ondo State, Nigeria

The Ekiti State Police Command has arrested eight persons, including a serving Permanent Secretary in Ondo State over the raid of a commercial bank in Ikere Ekiti last Thursday.The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Victor Babayemi, who gave the hint in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital on Saturday, said the Permanent Secretary and others were arrested in a bush at Ijare, a border town between Ekiti and Ondo states.

The Branch Manager of the bank, Ikere was also reportedly arrested following the incident.
According to the police, the Permanent Secretary and three others were arrested while performing rituals at night in the bush through which the robbery bandits escaped.

UPDATE: ASUU confirms strike has been suspended

ASUU Chairman, University of Lagos Chapter, Karo Ogbinaka, on Tuesday told Channels Television that the union decided to call off the protracted protest after a marathon meeting held on Monday in Minna, Niger State capital.

Binoculars had reported earlier that ASUU suspended its five months-old strike after a meeting it held at the Federal University of Technology, FUT, Minna.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has confirmed the suspension of its over five-months-old strike, DailyPost can report.

N6.5 million was spent to fly the Body of the Nigerian killed in India

The body of Mr. Simeon Obodo, the 35-year-old Nigerian killed in Goa, India, on October 31, arrived Nigeria, Saturday and has been deposited in a mortuary in Port Harcourt.

A representative of the family, Mr. Ejike Esinkonye, confirmed the arrival of the corpse in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, yesterday, in Abuja.

11 year-old Boy Beats Up Grandmother for Refusing to Buy Him a toy

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots toy.
Boy, 11, Arrested For Punching Grandma Over Refusal To Buy Toy

An 11-year-old boy from Ohio was taken into police custody over the weekend after allegedly punching his grandmother in the face at a Dayton department store when she refused to buy him the toy he wanted.
Barbara Weeks, 60, told police her grandson slugged her in the nose, according to the Dayton Daily News. A passerby called 911 after witnessing the incident.
Apparently the boy tried to punch his grandmother a second time after she continued to refuse to grant him his wish but missed when the woman ran away from him. Weeks admitted to police that she's scared of her grandson, who was taken to the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Center and charged with domestic violence.

SEE : The Reaction Of Bayern Munich Players when they found out they are to Play Arsenal

The Reaction of Bayern Munich players when they found out they are playing ARSENAL. lolz

BREAKING NEWS: ASUU Officially Calls Off Strike

According to the report reaching Daily Post from Minna, Niger State capital, the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has called off its 5-month strike.
The decision to suspend the strike was made after a marathon meeting held at the Federal University of Technology (FUT), Minna, Niger State on Monday.
After a protracted debate, the Federal Government and ASUU reached a compromise during a negotiation brokered by the President of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Abdulwaheed Omar few days ago.
No official comments have been received by the moment.
Details coming soon.

How to Make Money Playing in Scrabble

Hundreds of local Scrabble tournaments are held over the world each year and most of them award prize money to the winner.

One of the best resources for finding tournament information is the North America Scrabble Players Association’s website (link). They’ve got a calendar of upcoming events along with entry fee and prize details for each tournament.

However, most tournaments require that you first register as a member of the NASPA before you can play. It costs $30 a year (although, new tournament players can request a 6-month trial membership for $15).

The NASPA also recommends that you join a local Scrabble club for practice play (link to full list).
National Tournaments = Big Money

The Mysterious Healing River in Enugu State, Nigeria; is nothing But A Nuisance !!!

This Post is in relation to the Mysterious healing river appears in Enugu state
Mysterious healing river appears in Enugu state
Mysterious healing river appears in Enugu state

The mysterious pool, called Orimiri located in a forest about 3km from the Nachi bus-stop along Onitsha/Enugu old road, allegedly heals all kinds of ailments after it was discovered by a Fulani herdsman recently.

Since the discovery, the community has become a pilgrimage center with no fewer than 3000 people thronging the place daily. From morning till 6pm daily, okada ply through that narrow and sandy path carrying passengers and their loads of jerry cans to the stream.

The Best Goal is No Goal

"It is not the road ahead that wears you out -- it is the grain of sand in your shoe." --Arabian proverb

The idea of having concrete, achievable goals seem to be deeply ingrained in our culture. I know I lived with goals for many years, and in fact a big part of my writings here on Zen Habits are about how to set and achieve goals.
These days, however, I live without goals, for the most part. It’s absolutely liberating, and contrary to what you might have been taught, it absolutely doesn’t mean you stop achieving things.
It means you stop letting yourself be limited by goals.
Consider this common belief: “You’ll never get anywhere unless you know where you’re going.” This seems so common sensical, and yet it’s obviously not true if you stop to think about it. Conduct a simple experiment: go outside and walk in a random direction, and feel free to change directions randomly. After 20 minutes, an hour … you’ll be somewhere! It’s just that you didn’t know you were going to end up there.

READ What Ex-President Of United States, George Bush Has To Say About Corruption In Nigeria

Former President of the United States, George Bush, on Thursday told the leadership of the country and its people to fight corruption, saying it had become the obvious challenge against its development.

Bush, who is in Lagos as a guest speaker at the Access Leadership Conference 2013, said corrupt people, no matter how highly paced, should face the wrath of the law.
The event, which was organised by Access Bank Plc with the theme, 'Embracing Sustainable Leadership', attracted world leaders, including a former President of Ghana, Mr. John Kufuor.
Bush, who commended the country for its current democratic dispensation and sustenance, said the US encouraged governments that fight corruption by giving them aids to support their economies.
He noted that the criteria for receiving aids had been tied to countries that ensured that anti-corruption strategies were in place.

Women, Know Your Worth!

I don't know what it is, but it seems as though us women have moved from a being pursued role to a chasing, a man role. We want a man to see how good we are, how great we do this, how nice our heart is, how understanding we are... not thinking that a lot of the time it is the man's job to prove this to us.

As I was sitting at a male friend's home this past weekend, someone that I have known for quite a while now. I sat there thinking to myself, I really do not know this person. Or worse, I really do not even like this person. He wined, he complained, and made everything humanly possible about him. Not once did he even ask how I was doing. Had he asked, he would have known that I had just gotten over a stomach virus the week before and missed four days from work. Instead, he wanted me to massage his back, get this, do that blah blah blah. Not once did he offer me anything, not even water.

9 Reasons Why You Aren't Rich Yet

That's rich in the 'you have lots of cash' sense, not the happy or fulfilment sense. I think that money can make you happy and has the ability to help you reach fulfilment ( hopefully you are satisfied by whatever you are doing to earn it though. )

This is because once you boil it down money is just a tool to help you buy most of the things that you want in life. Be it material possessions, a nice house, a business or maybe even stuff that you just need to survive like food.

Most of us just work the day job and plod away for a few decades. This is called 'surviving'. You won't get rich and afford yourself unique life opportunities this way.
Hopefully you are wanting more if you are reading this!

30-Year-Old Female Teacher Abuses Teenage Girl

In a very tragic development, a former dance instructor at a Texas high school who was convicted in October for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female student is now being sued by the victim and her mother.

According to reports, Amanda Feenstra engaged in "deviate sexual intercourse" with a student at Humble High School, near Houston, from August 2010 to November 2011.

The lawsuit claims the 30-year-old instructor "abused her position," and showed an “unusual and bizarre admiration” for the student, who was the colonel of the high school's dance team. According to the Southeast Texas Record, the suit alleges that Feenstra convinced the teen's mother to move into a spare room at her home with "sadistic plans of turning [the girl] into [her] sexual toy."

DEVASTATED: SEE What Barack Obama Has To Say About Nelson Mandela's Death

President Obama, who eulogized Mandela as "one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this Earth" in a statement, also paid tribute on Twitter:

The world Pays Tribute to Nelson mandela - Pay your Tribute to Him...

Former South African President Nelson Mandela has died at age 95 of complications from a recurring lung infection.
The anti-apartheid leader and Nobel laureate was a beloved figure around the world, a symbol of reconciliation from a country with a brutal history of racism.

Share your feelings about Nelson Mandela, in the comment Box... Pay your Tribute to Him...

Student Attacks Teacher With Machete

There was anxiety over the state of health of a teacher at the Osogbo Grammar School, Osun State, identified simply as Mr. Olamoyegun, on Thursday as a pupil of the Government Technical College in the town attacked him with a machete.

Although what led to the attack on the teacher was still sketchy, our correspondent, however, gathered that the pupil pulled a surprise attack on the teacher, making it impossible for him to defend himself.
Some pupils of the OGS told our correspondent that the attacker, whose name had yet to be identified, attacked the teacher from the back and inflicted a deep cut on his head with the cutlass.
One of the OGS pupils, whose name is withheld for security purpose, said, “I think the person that attacked Mr. Olamoyegun is a cultist. That is what everybody is saying here because he just sneaked behind our teacher and attacked him with the cutlass in his hand. He did not give Mr. Olamoyegun the chance to defend himself.
“Now, everybody is worried because nobody knows whether our teacher survived the attack.”
PUNCH Metro, however, learnt that Olamoyegun was rushed to the Government House Clinic from where he was referred to the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital, Osogbo.
Some of his colleagues in the school said he had been responding to treatment.
But when the Principal of Osogbo Grammar School, Mr. A. O. Akinlusi, was contacted on the telephone, he declined comment.

REMARKABLE !!! 14-year-old Girl volunteered to be kidnapped in order to save the lives of 10 other kids

In a rare act of bravery, 14-year-old Gunjan Sarmah volunteered to be kidnapped in order to save the lives of 10 other kids from their school van at Simaluguri in Sivasagar district of Assam on Wednesday, India.

DEVASTATED: SEE What Wole Soyinka Has To Say About Nelson Mandela's Death

According to saharareporters; The death of former South African President, Nelson Mandela, seems to have left Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, world acclaimed wordsmith, short of words.

He appears to be so shell-shocked and devastated.
In a rare and short tribute to former South African president and anti-apartheid hero, Nelson Mandela, Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka had this to say "
 "The soul of Africa has departed, and there is nothing miraculous left in the world."
Mr. Mandela passed away Thursday night at 95, throwing the entire world into unprecedented mourning.

R.I.P Nelson Mandela !!! Nelson Mandela will never be forgotten....

Nelson Mandela will never be forgotten.
The prominent political leader, whose life-long work to end apartheid in his native South Africa and subsequent election as the country's first black president made him an icon and furthermore, a global symbol of peace and social change, died Thursday, the government of South Africa confirmed. He was 95.

According to reports, Mandela died from complications due a recurring lung infection. He had been hospitalized since June 8.
And as with many cases lately, the world began to mourn the loss of such a peaceful soul on Twitter and Facebook.

About 100 Persons died in a Fight Between Christains and Muslim in Central African Republic

BANGUI, Central African Republic: Fighting swept through the capital of Central African Republic on Thursday, leaving nearly one hundred people dead and posing the biggest threat yet to the country's new government. The UN Security Council authorized an intervention force to prevent a bloodbath between Christians and Muslims.

SAD !!! 7 Children Dies, 15 Injured As Truck Rams Into Classroom in Abia State, Nigeria

Abia State - Seven schoolchidren were killed today as a truck driver lost control of his vehicle and rammed into a classroom. The accident happened at Ogbor Hill area of Aba, Abia state, in Glorious International Academy located on 42 Opobo road.
Fifteen other pupils sustained various degrees of injuries.
The driver was on his way to Ovom waterside to evacuate sand. The pupils were having their morning devotion in a classroom when the incident occurred.
The pupils have concluded their examinations and returned to the school to have their end-of-the-year party.

Conoil Filling Station, Abuja, on Fire Following an Explosion (PHOTOS, UPDATED)

An explosion rocked several buildings across from the offices of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) building in Abuja at about 3:00 p.m., December 5, 2013, Thursday.
According to eyewitnesses, a petrol tanker discharging gasoline exploded at the Conoil gas station opposite the NNPC building in Abuja.
The huge fireball could be seen in areas around Abuja. There is no immediate report of casualty caused by the explosion.
The fire raged for several hours, especially as the NNPC initially refused to use their firefighters to assist in ending the fire.  As at time of filing this report the fire is still raging although NNPC has ordered the release of two tankers which made no impact on the fire.

UPDATE !!! Suicide attack rocks Yemen's defence ministry, At least 30 feared dead

At least 30 feared dead as suicide bombing rocks the defence ministry complex in the capital, followed by firefight.
A suicide bombing has rocked Yemen's defence ministry complex in the heart of the capital Sanaa, followed by a gun battle that left many casualties, according to the Yemeni Defence Ministry.

"At least 30 people have been killed in the attack" on Thursday, including "most" of the gunmen in the firefight that followed, the ministry said in a brief statement.

The ministry said that the attackers had targeted and badly damaged a hospital inside the complex but that the situation was now under control. Foreign doctors and nurses are reported to be among the ones killed.

The suicide explosion was caused by a bomber who drove a car packed with explosives into the gate, media reports quoted the defence ministry as saying. The blast was followed by another car of gunmen opening fire at the ministry.

Plumes of smoke billowed across the complex, situated on the edge of the Baba al-Yaman neighbourhood.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

NIGERIA : Thousands of passengers are stranded at different airports in the country

The Nigeria Airspace Management Agency has closed the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, to air traffic.

It was learnt that this followed the blocade of of the runway by a Saudi Airline cargo plane, which landed around 9pm on Wednesday but developed a minor problem after landing.
NAMA subsequently issued a Notice To Airmen on Thursday morning, meaning that the airport had been closed to both incoming and outbound planes.


 Acording to TMZ, a Wendy's employee was arrested last month in Georgia ... after allegedly making a cheeseburger with one crazy off-the-menu ingredient ... marijuana.

According to the Lovejoy Police Department, 32-year-old Amy Seiber was busted during her shift on November 1 ... after a customer called 911, complaining she had found a half-smoked blunt in her cheeseburger.

Four Robbery Suspects Shot Dead in Benin

Four armed robbery suspects were on Tuesday morning shot dead in two separate encounters with the police in Benin.
The Commissioner of Police (CP) in Edo, Foluso Adebanjo, announced this at a news conference in Benin. Adebanjo said 20 suspected armed robbers engaged the police in a shoot-out in the first encounter on the Benin/Lagos Bypass.

HISTORY !!! Everton defeat ManUtd 1-0 to record first win at Old Trafford in 21 years

Bryan Oviedo piled the pressure on David Moyes by slamming home an 85th-minute winner to end Everton's 21-year Old Trafford hoodoo. Not since 1992 had the Toffees beaten Manchester United away from home.
For 11 of those years, Moyes had been the man trying. Here, with Sir Alex Ferguson watching on, Moyes' 

Everton successor Roberto Martinez managed it at the first attempt.

Oveido strike stuns Manchester United

Oviedo, signed by Moyes last year, arrived with perfect timing at the far post to condemn United to their fourth defeat of the season, which leaves them 12 points adrift of leaders Arsenal and five off the Champions League places.

And United could not say Everton did not deserve their success, for the visitors played with a confidence and verve their hosts could not match.

Dad Arrested for Plugging in Electric Car, without asking

A Georgia man who was arrested and spent a night in jail — all for taking electricity that isn't so expensive nor rare as to require criminalizing such borrowing.

According to WXIA-TV, Kaveh Kamooneh had plugged in his Nissan Leaf to an external power outlet at a Chamblee, Ga., middle school while his son played sports inside. Kamooneh says 20 minutes after plugging in, a police officer asked if he had permission to do so; when Kamooneh noted that no staffers were around, the officer accused him of stealing.

As a young woman, I never thought pornography would be something I could struggle with.

No Longer Addicted: My Journey to Overcome Pornography

I never thought a pornography addiction could be a girl’s problem. I was proved wrong when I was about 16 years old. I came across a video of pornography, and since I was alone and curious, I watched it. After that first time, I felt like I had to watch something every day. I became addicted to pornography.

Viewing pornography made me feel bad. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t do anything to change. I was never happy, and I felt dirty and infected with Satan’s tempting filth. But I still found ways to watch it just so I could satisfy my appetite. My addiction led to more and more wrongdoings. I lied to everyone: my brother, my mother, and worst of all, the Lord and myself. I would tell myself that one more movie wasn’t going to hurt me, one more dirty story wouldn’t be that bad.

300 People were forced to leave thier Homes in Maiduguri, Nigeria.

This is a Representational Image
The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on Wednesday confirmed that 300 people were forced to leave their Homes during the 1 December insurgent attack at some military formations in Maiduguri.

The confirmation is contained in a statement signed by the information officer of the agency, Mr Abdulkadir Ibrahim.

"NEMA has carried out assessment on the victims of recent attack at the barracks in Maiduguri.
"After the assessment, 300 people were confirmed internally displaced and emergency relief materials like beds, blankets and mosquito nets have been given to them.

"The victims had their residential buildings destroyed in the attack," Ibrahim said.
The officer said that the gesture was in fulfilment of the agency's mandate of providing succour to victims of attacks.

Air Force Deploys More Jets To Fight Boko Haram

More fighter jets were deployed in Maiduguri, the troubled Borno State capital, yesterday as troops battled fleeing Boko Haram insurgents.

As at press time last night, many insurgents had been killed in air raids but the casualty figure was unknown.

The Defence Headquarters said ground troops were counting the dead.

The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh, relocated yesterday to Maiduguri to co-ordinate the assault against the insurgents, who stormed the city on Monday to attack the Air Force Base and the airport.

SHOCKING !!! 16 Pregnant Teenagers Found in Illegal Orphanage Run By Fake Doctor (ANOTHER BABY FACTORY FOUND)

The Imo State Police Command yesterday rescued 16 pregnant girls aged between 14 to 19 years from an illegal orphanage that operated in the guise of an NGO.

The 'orphanage' was operated by a fake medical doctor, James Ezuma.
Ezuma is currently standing trial for alleged gun running. The NGO named the Ezuma Women and Children Rights Protection Initiative (EWCRPI) was a platform that shields Ezuma's criminal activities from security operatives.
Briefing newsmen, the State Commissioner of Police, Muhammad Musa Katsina, disclosed that the NGO was a baby factory where girls were "encouraged to get pregnant and paid N100,000 on delivery" to give away their babies, who then have been used for purposes "ranging from child

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Lovely combo of White sleeveless gown, denim tied around the waist with a golden shoe to match... for more details about the outfit, visi...