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Everton's 3-2 home win over Newcastle United

Roberto Martinez praised Romelu Lukaku and Ross Barkley after the young duo inspired Everton's 3-2 home win over Newcastle United.
Lukaku, on loan from Chelsea, marked his first appearance at Goodison Park with a brace, while England international Barkley was also on target to maintain Everton's unbeaten start in the Premier League.
Belgian striker Lukaku had capped his Everton debut by scoring the winner at West Ham earlier this month and Martinez described the 20-year-old as 'unplayable'.
"What you see today, that's him," Martinez told Sky Sports. "He's strong, powerful, very knowledgeable for a No.9 to have that awareness around him, and he's technically really gifted, so that always brings a very strong package.
"At times he was unplayable. He opens up the spaces for others as well, and we will get stronger. We need to get to know him and the players around him need to get to know him.
"I thought second half at West Ham he showed what he could do and today he looks a player who is enjoying his football and is feeling at home, and that's very important for the future."
Barkley has enjoyed an eye-catching start to the season and Martinez has been impressed by the impact of the teenage midfielder.
The Everton boss added: "It's hard to explain how much he is growing game by game. In pre-season, straight away I was impressed.

How do you Solve a problem

CONFESSION I sleep with men to pay house rent

Explicit Photo:Seems like these randy couple could not hold it in anymore.

EXPLICIT PHOTOS: Couple Caught Having Sex In Public Park
An Australian couple were spotted getting it on in a public park in Sydney without a care as to who sees.
The picture also featured a shocked police man who was looking on at the couple. Poor guy was most likely shocked speechless.

SEXY SISTERS: Juliet Ibrahim Steps Out With Her Beautiful Sisters (PHOTO)

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim is one of the prettiest and sexiest in the Nollywood/Ghollywood movie industry.
Often described as gorgeous, Juliet shared a stunning photo of herself and her sisters on instagram, showing that beauty runs in the family.

Wow! Indeed, beauty runs in the family or don't you think so?

3 Ways You May Be Throwing Money Away Without Realizing It

    You aren't a dimwit. You're just stressed.
    According to a recent study published in Science magazine, if you're poor and mismanage your money, you may be very capable of making good financial decisions. But you're trapped in a vicious circle: The inevitable problems that come with being poor are likely affecting your judgment, which means you're making bad decisions, which end up making you even more poor.
    With that in mind, if you're financially struggling - or know someone who is - here are three ways people end up throwing money away when making common financial decisions: buying a house, buying a car and investing in a retirement plan. They're all generally good ideas, of course, but just because you're doing something smart doesn't mean you're doing it right.
    Stretching to take out a mortgage. Few personal finance experts will say it's stupid to buy a house - but they will tell you that you can buy one too early in life, before you're financially ready. Many people also buy too big of a house.
    "I can't tell you how many people I've seen get swept up in the romantic notion that they need to own a home or that they need to own a more expensive home, only to later regret it when they end up with a beautiful place but no money," says Scott Halliwell, a certified financial planner with USAA, a national financial services company based in San Antonio that mostly serves military members and their families.

    THIS IS FOR YOU, Please Do not Ignore...

    I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Tajh Boyd (Starting QB for Clemson University.) This film was commissioned by Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

    Shared your Thoughts about this video and share among your friends and family and get others Inspired

    The Unholy Quest For Money

    A man has been jailed for faking his own kidnap to extort money from his family.
    Zubair Hussain claimed that his kidnappers were threatening to kill him and sent pictures of himself with a bag over his head and with his hands bound.
    Hussain's distraught family received text messages claiming that the 24-year-old driver, from Sparkbrook, Birmingham, had been kidnapped on New Year's Eve.
    The series of messages demanded money in order to ensure Hussain did not come to harm.
    They then reported the supposed kidnapping to police and a large-scale investigation was launched by city detectives.
    But 24 hours later authorities tracked Hussain to a house in the Ernsford Grange area of Coventry.
    He was safe and well and there was no trace of anyone holding him against his will.
    Zubair was subsequently arrested and charged with blackmail in April.
    Zubair appeared before Warwickshire Justice Centre on Friday (27 September), where he pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to eight months imprisonment.
    Detective Inspector Martin Brennan, from West Midlands Police Serious and Organised Crime Unit, said: 'This case highlights what can happen when someone makes false accusations and wastes police time in such an audacious manner.
    'Any report of kidnap is treated very seriously and significant, costly, resources are deployed to ensure the victim is returned safe and well, whilst those responsible are detained.
    'To recklessly make such claims not only wastes police resources which could have been used elsewhere but caused his family and friends unnecessary distress.
    'The family believed that Zubair had been kidnapped and that there was a real possibility of him being seriously harmed or even killed.
    'Hopefully this prison sentence demonstrates that such incidents will be dealt with robustly by the courts and should act as a deterrent to others.'

    WOOO!!! Baboon Grabs A Girls Breast (PHOTO+VIDEO PROOF)


    A baboon grabbed a female reporter's breast while live on air.
    On September 12, 2013, Sabrina Rodriguez, an award-winning TV presenter, was reporting on the Lodi Grape Festival in California.

    Scroll down for video
    She introduced Mickey the baboon to the viewers, and the monkey politely shook her hand. And then seized his opportunity to grope the female presenter.
    Rodriguez carried on and even attempted to joke: "He's trying to cop a little bit of a feel".
    Mickey refused to let her go, as the presenter finished her segment by telling the viewers to "join soon, when we'll be learning a bit about why baboons like grapes".
    Asked if the baboon bared his teeth because he was smiling or mad, the reporter responded, "I'm gonna go with smiling."

    BUSTED: A Police Officer In front of Poice Office

    Man pretends to be police officer in front of police officer

    Impersonating a police officer is always a case of Bad Idea Jeans. Even worse: impersonating a police officer in front of an actual police officer.

    Apparently nobody told Roland Herrera. The 63-year-old tried his make-believe skills on an off-duty detective at a Pueblo, Colo., cellphone store. The detective was neither fooled nor amused.
    Roland Herrera (photo: Pueblo County Sheriff's Office)
    The Pueblo Chieftain reports that the would-be Rich Little entered the store and approached the off-duty detective, who was speaking with a sales clerk. Herrera then reportedly asked the detective why he had so many phones.

    Things went off the rails after Herrera accused the detective of being a drug dealer and insisted that he hand over his drugs.

    From the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office:
    The man then identified himself as “a cop” and ordered the detective to turn over his drugs to him. The detective asked the individual to show him his credentials and again the man told the detective to “give him the drugs.”

    looking angelic in white (Check this out)

    Naomi Campbell
    From Naomi Campbell, to Taylor Swift, to Olivia Wilde, everyone's embracing the all-white trend.It's hard to believe that Naomi Campbell is 43!
    The supermodel looked younger than ever at the launch of her new show The Face.
    Naomi wore a modest white suit for the occasion and looked absolutely breathtaking. However she's not the only star who's been embracing the all-white trend in recent weeks.

    What a figure and an Example to All

    Eva Longoria supports cancer charity gala
    Eva Longoria supports cancer charity gala
    Eva Longoria made a glamorous appearance at 'Padres Contra El Cancer' 13th Annual Gala in Los Angeles, wearing a slim fitting black cut out dress. The star seemed happy to flaunt her figure as she posed for the cameras.
    Eva Longoria made a glamorous appearance at 'Padres Contra El Cancer' 13th Annual Gala in Los Angeles, wearing a slim fitting black cut out dress. The star seemed happy to flaunt her figure as she posed for the cameras.


    By the year 2020, there will be 30 million more men than women of marriageable age in this giant empire, so large and so different (its current population is 1,336,410,000) that it often feels more like a separate planet than just another country. Nothing like this has ever happened to any civilisation before.
    The nearest we can come to it is the sad shortage of men after the First World War in Britain, France, Russia and Germany, and the many women denied the chance of family life and motherhood as a result.
    It is possible that the effects of that imbalance are still with us, in the shape of the radical feminist movement which found ready recruits among the husbandless teachers and other professionals of the Twenties and Thirties.
    But men without women are altogether more troublesome than women without men, especially when they are young.
    All kinds of speculation is now seething about what might happen; a war to cull the surplus males, a rise in crime, a huge expansion in the prostitution that is already a major industry in every Chinese city, a rise in homosexuality.
    A classroom full of boys in Dangzhou City
    A Danzhou classroom where the boys far outnumber girls

    Athlete uses fake penis to pass drug test

    Whizzinator: REUTERS/Mannie

    Long-distance athlete Devis Licciardi, a 27-year-old in the Italian Air Force team, was reported by a marshal in Molfetta,
    iPage Affordable Web Hosting only $4.50/moSouthern Italy, for using what has been dubbed the Whizzenator a prosthetic penis that stores and releases uncontaminated urine.
    “He’ll appear before an anti-doping disciplinary panel today.” reported the country’s Olympic committee. Licciardi was not available for any comments.
    The Whizzinator is a prosthetic phallic device available online.
    The Guardian reported that according to the Italian media, “Licciardi was giving a sample after the national 10km championships at Molfetta on Saturday, when he was discovered trying to siphon off clean urine hidden in a fake penis." The Italian Olympic Committee's anti-doping prosecutor has since opened an investigation into Licciardi, who will be cross-examined at his hearing on Wednesday.

    Sudan denies president called off UN trip


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    Omar al-BashirSudan's foreign ministry denied on Thursday that President Omar al-Bashir, who faces an international arrest warrant, has called off a trip to New York to address the United Nations General Assembly.
    "The foreign ministry denies reports from news agencies citing a UN spokesperson that the president of the republic has decided not to attend the UN General Assembly," state news agency SUNA reported.
    It urged the US government "to respect its obligations and issue visas to President Omar al-Bashir and the delegation accompanying him to New York."
    The US embassy in Khartoum has delayed granting the visas, the foreign ministry said.
    With violent protests sweeping Sudan over oil price rises, a UN spokesperson in New York said on Wednesday that Foreign Minister Ali Karti would address the world body on Friday in place of Bashir.

    Charles Taylor's victims hail war crimes verdict

    Liberian war victims
    Victims of the bloody regime of Liberian warlord Charles Taylor spoke of their relief after his 50-year jail term for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone was upheld by an international court on Thursday.
    Featured offer! $1 per month Website Builder™ with Free Domain! Offer good through 10/1!The final verdict handed down by the UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) draws a line under a seven-year trial of the 65-year-old former Liberian president, sentenced in May last year for "some of the most heinous crimes in human history".
    "As a government, we believe that justice has been done and impunity is over," Sierra Leone government spokesman Abdulai Bayraytay told AFP.
    "The message for sitting heads of state not only in Africa but beyond is that when you are in power you must exercise it judiciously, have respect for the rule of law and human rights and uphold the dignity of others."
    Around 100 people, including human rights activists and survivors of the Sierra Leone civil war, watched a live broadcast of the ruling in the capital Freetown.

    Tunisian rapper jailed for six months

    Klay BBJ: Image by Chedly Ben Ibrahim/Demotix/Corbis
    Tunisian rapper Klay BBJ - Ahmed Ben Ahmed - was jailed for six months without remission on Thursday for songs judged insulting by the authorities and for undermining morals.

    "We have decided on a sentence of six months in prison, to begin immediately," Judge Belgacem Chaieb ruled after a trial lasting less than 90 minutes.
    The rapper's lawyer said he would appeal the verdict.
    "It is a new injustice targeting artists. I will appeal and continue the fight," Ghazi Mrabet told AFP.
    His client was on trial for insulting officials, violating public morals and defamation in songs he sang alongside fellow rapper Weld El 15 at a concert last month in the eastern town of Hammamet, where Thursday's trial took place.

    Optimal Health Tips

    1. Eat as close to nature as possible, focusing mostly on organic plant based foods, but not too much.
    2. Drink 8 glasses of pure water daily.
    3. Sleep 7-8 hours every night.
    4. Take a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.
    5. Move your body regularly and practice yoga.
    6. Breathe. Meditate. Calm your mind.
    7. Be present. Let go of the past and don’t worry about the future.
    8. When you have a negative thought, replace it with a positive one. Optimism is healing and pessimism will make you sick.
    9. Practice gratitude. What you focus on grows.
    10. Do what you love as often as you can. Travel, dance, write, paint, play music.
    11. Surround yourself with awesome people and spend more time with those you love. Love is the best medicine.
    12. Express your love.
    13. Express yourself.
    14. Let go of anger, regret, guilt or any other emotion that isn’t serving you. These lead to diseases of the mind and body.
    15. Help others, especially when you are down. This will uplift you too.
    16. Live a non-toxic lifestyle. This includes avoiding unnecessary drugs and chemicals, as well as people, relationships and jobs that bring you down. Your time is valuable; don’t waste it on anyone or anything that doesn’t deserve it.
    17. Spend time in nature.

    A Common Mistake that Makes Your Anxiety Worse

    Many people make mistakes with their anxiety. In fact, one of the problems with anxiety is that anxiety itself can make mistakes more likely – because anxiety changes thought processes and feelings in a way that can lead to you to making decisions that are counterproductive for curing anxiety.
    Alcohol abuse is a great example. People turn to alcohol to reduce anxiety because it can dull anxiety away, but in reality it actually makes anxiety worse because it replaces your mind's ability to cope with stress. But that is an extreme example. There is actually a single, common mistake that nearly everyone makes that causes anxiety to be worse.

    The Most Common Anxiety Mistakes

    There are so many mistakes that people make with their anxiety. Many people with panic disorder drink lots of coffee, for example, and coffee can make panic attacks worse. Others try to breathe in more when they're hyperventilating (because hyperventilation makes you feel as though you're not getting a full breath) but that actually makes hyperventilation worse.
    But by far the most common mistake that people make with anxiety is moping. In this case, moping is the idea that you need to "be alone." The idea that you need to go home after a tough day at work and just sit and think so that your stress and anxiety get better.

    7 Things Fear has Stolen from You

    Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid;
    courage means you don’t let fear stop you.
    Everything you want is on the other side of fear.  Don’t ever hesitate to give yourself a chance to be everything you are capable of being.
    Although fear can feel overwhelming, and defeats more people than any other force in the world, it’s not as powerful as it seems.  Fear is only as deep as your mind allows.  You are still in control.  The key is to acknowledge your fear and directly address it.  You must step right up and confront it face to face.  This tactic robs fear of its power, instead of fear robbing YOU of…

    1.  Your true path and purpose.

    Fear of being different…
    Don’t be fooled by what others say, especially when they try to tell you what is right for you.  Listen and then draw your own conclusions.  What is your intuition telling you?
    There is not a clear path that everyone should follow.  Your greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding in life at all the wrong things.  Choose a path that fits YOU.  Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.  Challenge yourself to ask with each and every step, and each focus point that consumes your energy: “Does this thing I’m doing right now truly serve me and those I care about in the next few minutes, few months, and few years?”
    Whatever you settle on, just make sure you don’t gain the whole world by losing your soul and purpose in the process. 

    'Van Persie Fit To Face West Brom'

    Manchester United manager David Moyes says striker Robin van Persie has recovered from injury and is fit enough to face West Brom on Saturday.
    photo Manchester United manager David Moyes says striker Robin van Persie has recovered from injury and is fit enough to face West Brom on Saturday.
    The Netherlands international missed Sunday’s 4-1 Premier League defeat to Manchester City and the midweek win over Liverpool with a groin injury.
    However, the Scot has revealed Van Persie is fit again and could feature against Steve Clarke’s men at Old Trafford on Saturday.

    "Robin will be back, involved somewhere. He trained today and is fit. But we'll have to see exactly where he is," he told reporters.

    "Tom [Cleverley] has done a bit of training today. He rocked his knee in training and hopefully he won't be too far away."

    Moyes admitted that he still had much to learn as United boss but once again took time to praise his players for bouncing back from Sunday's thrashing at the hands of their neighbours.

    "I have been learning every week since the day I walked in. I don't think that's going to change for a long time," he added.

    No TYME Like the Present

    If you have an idea to do something great, just do it. Don't wait. Just do it. --Elaine Newkirk
      by Audrey Lin, Jul 30, 2013

    As the old saying goes, “There’s no time like the present.” 

    In a rural corner of Pennsylvania, Elaine Newkirk has made that saying a way of life.

    When she was 23, her 14-year-old sister moved in. Shortly after, her sister’s two friends moved in as well. To keep the girls there, she became a foster mom. Since then, she has opened up her home to over 60 foster children, their friends, siblings, and community members.

    Then, when a young mother was unable to care for her two infants, she immediately took them in as her own—in addition to caring for her own infant.

    Today, a single mother of 5 teenagers— 4 of whom are adopted and 3 of whom are disabled— Elaine spends her days running TYME (Teach Youth, Motivate, and Empower) Ministries, a program dedicated to bringing resources and services to youth, homeless, and populations in need.

    Similar to Elaine’s foster parenting, TYME began with her sister and friends, several of whom were teenage moms:

    My sister was a teenager at the time and I told her and some of her friends, ‘If you guys have things that you want to talk about—problems and things that you’re going through in your life—we can get together and talk about it.”

    What began as a gathering of six kids that lasted all afternoon, swelled into a group of twenty the following week. And even more the next week. Each week, more and more youth came to connect, and Elaine’s house was bursting at the seams.

    Realizing that this was a real community need, she rented out a church room for their weekly gatherings. Then, she found a bigger house.

    Today, TYME has grown into a not-for-profit thrift store, bakery, and youth center, with programs ranging from cooking classes to acting troupes and everything in-between.

    TYME’s thrift store is one of Elaine’s main projects.  A 100% not-for-profit entity, the store receives clothing donated from the community. Then, it offers almost all of its clothes at a dollar or less per article of clothing. More expensive items, such as prom tuxedos and gowns, go for 5-10 dollars. All the profits earned go into keeping their doors open, nothing more.

    And all sorts of people shop at their store. Patrons come in with referrals from churches, schools, organizations, and the local government. Larger organizations like the Red Cross send victims of natural disasters to TYME. Schools that notice children coming in with dirty clothes direct their families there.

    Facebook co-founder's husband running for US Congress

    facebook: image by REUTERS/Carlos

    Sean Eldridge, husband of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, has announced he is running for the US Congress next year.
    The 27-year-old Democrat posted a message on Twitter late on Sunday saying he will run for a seat in New York's 19th congressional district.
    "Right now the voices of everyday New Yorkers are being drowned out by the special interests and party politics, causing gridlock in Washington," Eldridge said in a YouTube video announcing his campaign.
    "We need an independent voice who will fight for us, and that's why I'm running for Congress."
    Eldridge is founder of an investment company in New York's Hudson Valley, but he was also a gay rights activist, serving as political director for Freedom to Marry as it pushed successfully for legalized marriage equality in New York.
    Hughes was a roommate of Mark Zuckerberg during their days at Harvard University, where they launched the social media giant Facebook.

    Chelsea Star Deco Handed A Year Ban For Doping

    Former Barcelona and Chelsea star 'Deco' has been hit with a one-year ban from football for doping by Brazil's Superior Court of Sport Justice.
    photo Former Barcelona and Chelsea star 'Deco' has been hit with a one-year ban from football for doping by Brazil's Superior Court of Sport Justice.
    The Portugal international was tested positive for hydrochlorothiazide (a diuretic) and carboxy-tamoxifen (a hormone drug) in March.

    Although originally sentenced to a 30-day ban in the first trial, his suspension has been lengthened enormously on Thursday, with Deco not present at court to hear the verdict.

    However, the decision is unlikely to hinder the 36-year-old too much as he announced his retirement from playing professional football in August.

    Deco shot to prominence with Porto, where he spent five seasons between 1999 and 2004, winning the Champions League under Jose Mourinho.

    A move to Barcelona followed and he won another European crown alongside two Liga titles before a jump to Chelsea in 2008 for two campaigns.

    The naturalised Portuguese attacker returned to his homeland with Fluminense in 2010 but called timed on his career this summer ahead of the latest doping verdict.

    Babysitter Spared Jail After Having Sex With 2 14-Year-Old Boys In Her Care

    A babysitter who was charged with having sex with two underage boys two years ago will be spared jail
    Loni Bouchard, 22, of Clinton, Connecticut, was sentenced Thursday to three years in prison, but her sentence was suspended and she was instead given two years of probation.
    It helped her case that the family of one of her victims, who was 14 at the time of the charges supported the no-jail sentence, Judge David P. Gold said.
    Under her probation, she is barred from any contact with boys who are under the age of 16 and also barred from contacting her victims.
    'I'm really sorry to the victim and their families,' Bouchard, who was 19 at the time of the relationships, said. 'This will never happen again.'
    She had previously pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree reckless endangerment.
    Loni Bouchard had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy who she was hired to look after and had written in her diary about how much she missed him and how unfair it was they couldn't see each other.She wrote: 'I have finally found the guy who treats me right and makes me so happy and I can't be with him because the law says so? I don't care about the law. I just want to be with him and not have to hide it. How can the law tell us who to fall for, who to like and who to love and especially who to date? I thought America was a free country'.
    She was also involved with another underage boy - also 14 - from Southington. His parents did not allow him to speak with police investigators.

    Jose Mourinho Hits Back At Andre Villas-Boas

    Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has hit back at former colleague Andre Villas-Boas for revealing that they have fallen out.
    photo Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has hit back at former colleague Andre Villas-Boas for revealing that they have fallen out.
    Tottenham manager Villas-Boas - who learnt his trade under the influence of Chelsea manager during his time at Porto, Inter Milan and Stamford Bridge - has revealed that he no longer considers Mourinho a friend.
    Ahead of Chelsea's trip to Tottenham this weekend, Mourinho said: "I don't discuss this with the media, it's a personal thing. I don't care what he says. I'm not here to do that. I'm not interested.
    "I managed a Champions League final against a manager who was important in my career and taught me to grow up and I did it in a professional way. And that is a way you have to do it.

    SEXUAL ADDICTION: Woman Kills Her 2 Newborn Babies So She Can Go To Sex Club (PHOTOS)

    A nymphomaniac allegedly killed her two babies so she could go to a swinger club for more sex has been arrested after the corpses of her babies were found by her father.
    24-year-old, Steffie Koppers apparently talked about her visits to the sex club on her Facebook page.
    She wrote:
    'I'm in the swingerclub Kali. We are three nice ladies but we want men and there are none here!'
    'It seems it's bad when a solo woman goes to a swinger club to get gratification from more than one man.'
    On Tuesday, the corpse of the baby was discovered by her father in her home,
    One was reduced to a skeleton, the other wrapped in a sheet.
    He telephoned the police who arrested his daughter at her place of work.

    Messi arrives at Spanish court for tax hearing

    Barcelona football star Lionel Messi arrives at the courthouse in the coastal town of Gavá near Barcelona on September 27, 2013 to face judges on tax evasion charges

    Gavá (Spain) (AFP) - Barcelona's Argentine superstar Lionel Messi arrived at court on Friday to answer tax evasion charges.
    Messi arrived by car shortly before 11:00 am (0900 GMT) and walked up to the entrance of the courthouse in Gavá, the Barcelona suburb where he lives.
    Dressed in a dark jacket and white shirt, he made no comment to the waiting crowd of reporters and fans.
    Messi, 26, is widely considered the best footballer in the world and has been named FIFA World Player of the Year four times.
    His father Jorge Messi, who was summoned to go before the judge ahead of the player, arrived an hour earlier with his lawyers.

    Cameras capture eagle killing deer in Russia

    In this photo taken from a remote camera at the Lazovsky State Nature Reserve in the Primorye region of Russia’s Far East on Dec. 8, 2011, a golden eagle attacks a deer. Remote cameras set up to track Siberian tigers in Russia have caught a golden eagle attack on a sika deer, snapping three photos as the massive bird digs its talons into the distressed animal’s back. Golden eagles typically eat small birds or mammals, but they’ve also been known to target deer. It’s rare for a camera to catch such an attack in progress. (AP Photo/The Zoological Society of London)

    LONDON (AP) — The eagle, red-handed.
    Remote cameras intended to monitor Siberian tigers in Russia instead caught a golden eagle's fatal attack on a deer, snapping three photos as the massive bird dug its talons into the distressed animal's back.
    London's Zoological Society, which distributed the pictures to journalists, said the sequence showed a rare but not unheard of attack by a golden eagle. The society's Linda Kerley said she first realized something was up when she approached the wildlife-monitoring device — also called a camera trap — and found a mangled deer carcass nearby.
    "Something felt wrong about it," she said in a statement accompanying the photographs. "There were no large carnivore tracks in the snow, and it looked like the deer had been running and then just stopped and died.
    "It was only after we got back to camp that I checked the images from the camera and pieced everything together," she said. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing."

    Alex O and Oby Edozien welcome son

    Popular 90's pop star Alex O and his actress/movie producer wife Oby Edozien welcomed a son yesterday Sunday September 22nd. Oby and Alex got married in 2011 after a whirlwind romance. Big congrats to them.

    Vice President: Kenya mall siege in final stage (Kenya siege Nears End)

    Kenyan Defense Forces leave the near vicinity of the Westgate Mall in Nairobi Kenya Monday Sept. 23 2013. Multiple large blasts have rocked the mall where a hostage siege is in its third day. Associated Press reporters on the scene heard multiple blasts and a barrage of gunfire. Security forces have been attempting to rescue an unknown number of hostages inside the mall held by al-Qaida-linked terrorists. (AP Photo/ Jerome Delay)

    NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Kenyan security forces were in the final stages of flushing out Islamic extremist terrorists from a besieged shopping mall, the vice president said late Monday, two days after the upscale mall was seized by members of a Somali group linked to al-Qaida.
    It is unlikely that any more hostages remained inside Westgate Mall, said another official.
    But similar claims of a quick resolution were made by Kenyan officials on Sunday and the siege has continued for another day. It is not possible to independently verify their assertions.
    Three attackers were killed in the fighting Monday, officials said, and more than 10 suspects arrested. Eleven Kenyan soldiers were wounded in the running gun battles. By evening, Kenyan security officials claimed the upper hand.
    "Taken control of all the floors. We're not here to feed the attackers with pastries but to finish and punish them," Police Inspector General David Kimaiyo said on Twitter.

    WOW: Water on Mars: Curiosity Rover Uncovers a Flood of Evidence

    by Katia Moskvitch, Contributor 1 hour ago
    Water on Mars: Curiosity Rover Uncovers a Flood of Evidence
    The Curiosity rover investigated an area on Mars named Hottah, which appears to be part of an ancient …
    LONDON — Water, water everywhere
    , and some of it fit to drink.
    Water on Mars: Curiosity Rover Uncovers a Flood of …
    That’s the picture of ancient Mars that has emerged during the past few months thanks to discoveries by NASA's , which has been exploring the Red Planet since touching down inside Gale Crater in August 2012.
    The announcements have come in dribs and drabs, but presented together recently here at the European Planetary Science Congress, they provide compelling evidence that Mars was quite wet in the distant past. [ ]
    During many sessions at the conference, which was held Sept. 8 to Sept. 13 in London, scientists presented details of the rover’s most exciting finds, made before it began the long drive toward the towering this past July.
    And the words that could be heard most often were hydrogen, hydration, rocks and water. Especially water.
    "We know that on there was what we interpret to be a habitable environment, where water was good enough for us to drink," Melissa Rice, of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, said after a presentation on imaging results from Curiosity’s workhorse Mastcam instrument.
    She talked about rocks that Curiosity studied earlier this year, finding evidence that ancient .
    "We know that we had an initial habitable environment when these rocks formed, and then sometime later — we don't know when — these rocks had water flowing through them, through these fractures, leaving calcium sulfate behind," Rice said. "We don't know if that era would have also been habitable, but it tells us that there were at least two major wet stages."

    Martian lakes?
    One of the rocks Rice mentioned was a mudstone that Curiosity drilled into. Inside, researchers found clay minerals, which meant either formation in, or substantial alteration by, .
    Further, this water had to be neutral and benign. That's a big deal as far as habitability goes; Curiosity's smaller, older cousins, NASA's , found plenty of evidence of ancient Martian water after touching down in 2004, but most of it was likely extremely acidic.    
    "It’s amazing that we found a mudstone," said presenter Aileen Yingst, a Curiosity science team member from the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Ariz. "Mudstones mean that you have very fine grains inside the rock — meaning that these grains settle down slowly. On Earth, that usually means that it happened because of wind or water. And we think that it was probably water."
    Researchers think the mudstone formed in a place where water was calm, such as a lake — perhaps an ideal place for microbes to survive and reproduce. [ ]
    "If you’re a microbe that is trying to get a hold on a place to live, you don’t necessarily want to be living in churning water; it’s not good for you to start growing and thriving," Yingst said. "[Calm lake] water is a better place to live."
    Another rock that received a lot of attention at the conference is Tintina, a tiny pebble that Curiosity rolled over and broke apart.
    The small piece of rock revealed a snowy-white interior, strongly hinting at the presence of hydrated minerals that formed when water flowed through billions of years ago.

    "Amazing Stuffs about Your Health, that shouldn`t Be Ignored "

    What is your pee trying to tell you?

    6 Things Your Pee is Trying to Tell You

    You know that you've had your share of water/beer/coffee by the frequency in which you need to use the bathroom, but what else can pee tell you about your health and habits? A lot, it turns out. We asked R. Mark Ellerkmann, M.D., director for the Center of Urogynecology at the Weinberg Center for Women's Health and Medicine in Baltimore, MD, for some of the specific health and lifestyle issues your urine's odor, color, and frequency can indicate.
    1. You're Pregnant.
    The reason you have to pee on a stick after your first missed period is that shortly after conception (when a fertilized egg implants into the lining of the uterus), the fetus begins to secrete the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, which is what is detected by home pregnancy tests, Dr. Ellerkmann says. Some women also notice a strong, pungent odor early on, even before they're aware they're pregnant.
    Once you've got a baby on board, running to the bathroom constantly is just one of the pesky parts of pregnancy, for a variety of reasons: your kidneys have to work harder to eliminate waste products from both you and the fetus, and as you (and the baby) get bigger, pressure on your bladder from your expanding uterus can send you to the ladies' morning, noon, and, annoyingly, in the middle of the night.
    2. You have an injury or a medical condition.
     Medically speaking, if there are red blood cells in your urine-known as "hematuria"-this could indicate a variety of conditions, according to Dr. Ellkermann, from kidney stones to an impact injury (in rare cases this can be caused by strenuous exercise like running long distances). A sweet odor can be indicative of diabetes, since your body isn't properly processing glucose. If you're over 35 and have erratic or heavy periods and an increase in urine frequency, you may have fibroids, benign uterine tumors that can press on your bladder (depending on their size, which can range from an olive to a grapefruit). Needless to say, if you see blood, smell any usual odor, or have any other concerns, see your doctor. 

    "Why I Wanted To Use Human Parts For Money Rituals" - Man Caught With Body Parts Confesses

    The quest for wealth has sent many into taking desperate steps as residents of Masfala area of Ibadan, Oyo State were shocked to their marrow on Tuesday, September 17, when a polythene bag containing human parts was discovered in an uncompleted building by policemen who stormed the area at noon.
    They were further amazed when the culprit turned out to be an herbalist, Abideen Raheem (35), who lives in a building very close to where the human parts were found. The parts were two hands cut from the wrists down.
    The suspect is currently helping homicide detectives at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Iyaganku, in their investigations into the case.
    Crime Reports gathered that information about the presence of the body parts in the neighbourhood first got to Operation Burst operatives. They were joined by detectives from Ogbere police station, and when confronted with the body parts, Raheem confessed that he was the one who put them in the polythene bag but claimed that he took them from a dead body he found at Ibadan Toll Gate area.
    When detectives went to the spot he claimed to have seen the dead body, no carcass was found, an indication that the suspect was economical with the truth.
    Raheem however opened up at the CID during interrogation, confessing that he removed the hands and head from a corpse in a grave at Muslim cemetery at Aba Onde area on Monday September 9 and hid them beside the cemetery. He revealed that he went back a week after, precisely on September 16 to take the hands while he still kept the head there.

    Over 1,500 Americans have died from taking too much acetaminophen in the past decade


    One of America's best-known pain relievers has a lesser-known dark side. Over the past decade, more than 1,500 Americans have died from taking too much acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, reports ProPublica. Though tens of millions of people reportedly use it weekly without adverse effects, large amounts of the drug can lead to liver damage and other major health issues — a fact that isn't as widely publicized as the drug's potential health benefits.
    Unlike other popular pain relievers, the difference between a safe and potentially harmful dose of acetaminophen is very slim, reports ProPublica. The Food and Drug Administration has apparently been aware of the issue for decades, but has moved slowly to address it. As far back as 1977, the administration said that it was "obligatory" that acetaminophen is labeled with a warning that it could cause "severe liver damage." But while that warning eventually found its way onto the drug's packaging, it didn't happen until 2009, and the FDA has even admitted that it moved slowly in addressing the issue.

    Catholics react to pope remarks on gays, abortion

    CORRECTS MONTH - Filipino Catholics offer prayers during a mass at the Our Lady of Remedies Parish Church in Manila, Philippines Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013. Catholics around the globe are expressing mixed but mostly positive reactions to Pope Francis' recent remarks that the church has become too focused on "small minded rules" on hot-button issues like homosexuality and abortion. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

    NEW YORK (AP) — Catholics around the globe are reacting mostly positively to Pope Francis' recent remarks that the church has become too focused on "small-minded rules" on hot-button issues like homosexuality, abortion and contraceptives.
    At Masses over the weekend, the faithful reflected on how they believe Francis' comments will impact the Catholic Church. The pope said Thursday that pastors should focus less on divisive social issues and should emphasize compassion over condemnation.
    Marilyn White, 73, who worshipped Sunday at New York City's famous St. Patrick's Cathedral, welcomed the pope's words.
    "I think he sent a good message," White said. "I think he's opening a way for people to communicate, dialogue and maybe come back to the church."
    New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan told reporters after Mass that Francis "speaks like Jesus" and is a "breath of fresh air."

    40 Days of Dating Your Friend : Good Idea OR Bad ?

    40 Days of Dating Couple Discuss Fans, Friendship and the Future
    By JOANNA PRISCO | Good Morning America
    40 Days of Dating Couple Discuss Fans, Friendship and the Future (ABC News)
    Two friends fed up with repeating the same dating habits decided to embark on a 40-day relationship with one another to see what happened: The story has all the makings of Hollywood romance, and it soon may become one. But first it was simply a blog.
    40 Days of Dating, a social experiment that became a viral sensation, followed New Yorkers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman as they documented 40 days of hand holding, planned dates, couples therapy, self-analysis, and even a trip to the Magic Kingdom. More than 300,000 fans checked in daily to read the "he said, she said"-style posts, which were recorded during the project then released to the public months later.
    "At first, I wasn't sure whether we should share it," said Walsh, 26. "But the feelings we had and experiences we went through were common issues that we thought people could relate to."
    "A lot of people have reached out since saying that it really helped them or inspired them," added Goodman, 32.
    Throughout the course of their quasi-courtship, the pair said the process of cataloguing their feelings challenged them to confront how they approached love and life, in general.

    Soldier Turns Homecoming Into Surprise Airport Marriage Proposal

    Despite running a few minutes late to the airport, Kaetlyn Miller, of Jacksonville, Fla., ended up getting an unexpected jump forward into the rest of her life once she got there.

    Miller, 21, was racing to greet her then boyfriend, Sgt. Eric Parker, 25, at the arrivals terminal on Aug. 27 as he returned home from his 11-month deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    Transgender Teen Crowned Homecoming Queen Wipes Away Tears: 'I Can't Even Be Happy'

    By ALEXIS SHAW | Good Morning America
    Transgender Teen Crowned Homecoming Queen Wipes Away Tears: 'I Can't Even Be Happy' (ABC News)

    The first transgender teen at a Huntington Beach, Calif., high school to be named homecoming queen broke down crying in a YouTube video after what was supposed to be her "happiest day" was marred by criticism, she said.
    In a video posted on her YouTube account Saturday, Cassidy Lynn Campbell said that earning the title of homecoming queen was supposed to be "so monumental and memorable." But the "ignorant" and "negative" backlash that followed her win had turned a bright day dark.
    "I'm always judged and I'm always looked down upon and I'm always made fun of," she said. "Sometimes, I wonder, is it even worth it?"
    Transgender Teen Named Homecoming Queen
    Campbell, who uses YouTube to post videos of her daily transformation, spoke candidly to her followers because she didn't know how else to vent, according to the video's description.
    She said she was hurt by the behavior of people criticizing her who she said treated her like she was less than a person.

    3 Social Media Tools to Identify Influential Bloggers

    3 Social Media Tools to Identify Influential Bloggers image 3 Social Media tools to identify influential bloggers 

    Who would have known that the popularity of blogs would grow to reach such mammoth levels.
    Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate, share and interact and this has provided the platforms and the marketing networks for bloggers to achieve global reach and influence.
    Blogs such as Huffington Post, Mashable and Gawker now rank in the top 1,000 websites in the world.
    This publishing revolution has in turn led to the increase in the popularity of “Blogger Outreach” programs. While the online community remains divided upon their opinions about this new age marketing strategy (some calling it a PR gimmick), others maintain that it is merely a symbiotic channel to further strengthen the relationships.
    So what is the best approach for blogger outreach?

    Understanding blogger outreach

    We all have grown to appreciate the importance of a blog for a business website. It is a marketing platform which provides opportunities to enter into a dialogue with online users and create awareness. The main aim of the blog is not to market products and services, but to attract attention with inbound marketing by educating, informing and entertaining its readers.
    Blogger outreach is an initiative in which the blog owners try to reach out to the bloggers of the same niche and have them to market and promote your blog or business to their audience in an educational format. Here is a simple example.
    Let’s say you are in the business of designing and selling business cards. You reach out to a blogger that has online influence amongst other businesses in their niche. You offer them a gift voucher or a guest post and in return they review your business or products on their blog and this can bring traffic to your website.
    As influential bloggers have a trusted, loyal and large audience, gaining access to them can be a powerful form of marketing. It gives you access to their network.

    What the Successful Beliefs

    I'm fortunate enough to know a number of remarkably successful people. Regardless of industry or profession, they all share the same perspectives and beliefs.
    And they act on those beliefs:

    Real Men

    most beautiful horses in the world

    WOW!!!!! One Of the MOST BEAUTIFUL Place IN the WORLD

    Atom bomb nearly exploded over North Carolina in 1961: UK paper

    LONDON (Reuters) - A U.S. atom bomb nearly exploded in 1961 over North Carolina that would have been 260 times more powerful than the device that devastated Hiroshima, according to a declassified document published in a British newspaper on Friday.
    The Guardian newspaper said the document, obtained by investigative journalist Eric Schlosser under the Freedom of Information Act, gave the first conclusive evidence that the United States came close to a disaster in January 1961.
    This week in history: July 15-20 The incident happened when two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over Goldsboro, North Carolina, after a B-52 bomber broke up in midair.
    There has been persistent speculation about how serious the incident was and the U.S. government has repeatedly denied its nuclear arsenal put Americans' lives at risk through safety flaws, the newspaper said.
    But the newly published document said one of the two bombs behaved exactly in the manner of a nuclear weapon in wartime, with its parachute opening and its trigger mechanisms engaged. Only one low-voltage switch prevented a cataclysm.
    Fallout could have spread over Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and even New York City, the paper said, threatening the lives of millions of people.
    In the document, Parker Jones, a senior engineer in the Sandia National Laboratories responsible for the mechanical safety of nuclear weapons, concluded that "one simple, dynamo-technology, low-voltage switch stood between the United States and a major catastrophe."
    Jones' report, titled "Goldsboro Revisited or: How I Learned to Mistrust the H-Bomb," was written eight years after the accident in which one hydrogen bomb fell into a field near Faro, North Carolina, and the other into a meadow.
    He found that three of four safety mechanisms designed to prevent unintended detonation failed to operate properly in the Faro bomb.
    When the bomb hit the ground, a firing signal was sent to the nuclear core of the device and it was only the final, highly vulnerable switch that averted a disaster.

    Judge Slaps Mom With 2-Year Spanking Ban

    (photo by Getty Images)When is spanking considered physical abuse? A Virginia judge has ruled that Felisha Kimble-Tanks, an Annandale dentist, crossed the line when she left bruises on her 6-year-old daughter's thigh after disciplining her with a belt. The mom is now banned from spanking for two years.
    The girl's father, from whom Kimble-Tanks is separated, discovered the bruises in January and filed a complaint with the Stafford County Sheriff's Office. According to the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, he also said that despite the incident, she was a good mother. Defense lawyer Mark Murphy pointed out to Yahoo Shine that the father made no move to get physical custody of the girl even though it would have been within his rights. He also noted that "the department of social services took no steps to remove the girl from her mother's home."
    More on Yahoo: Historic Child Abuse Inquiry Opens in Australia
     Prosecutor Tara Mooney initially charged Kimble-Tanks with child cruelty, a felony. On Wednesday, the prosecution reached a deal with Murphy to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor, which will be dropped in two years if she refrains from any type of corporal punishment. Murphy told Shine, "When she was disciplining the child that day, she was categorically not engaging in child abuse ... and had no intention of bruising her."
    According to Mooney, Kimble-Tanks "crossed the line." She told the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, "Leaving bruises on a child that young is abuse," not appropriate discipline. Murphy disagreed and said he had been ready to go to trial if the charges hadn't been reduced and eventually dropped. "This is a woman who has never been in trouble before and I'm certain will not be in trouble over the next two years," he told the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. According to the paper, Kimble-Tanks had been punishing her daughter because of misbehavior at school.

    Why Your Parents Don’t Approve of Your Husband (or Wife)

    Hint: it’s all about the genes. Well before, and well after Romeo and Juliet, lovers have lived with parents who disapproved of their match. Even in cultures where parents held—or hold—absolute control over their children’s choice of a spouse, parents and children can clash over love.
    For evolutionary scholars, this struggle is especially intriguing. Why, if it causes so much angst, conflict, and, as in Romeo and Juliet’s case, death, do parents (and young lovers) never learn? From a strictly energy efficiency perspective, such drama is far from adaptive — rather, it’s a drain on precious emotional and physical resources. And generally such wasteful behaviors don’t survive generation after generation, as disapproving parents and rebellious lovers have. So why has this conflict persisted so obstinately throughout history?
    Turning to a computer model, researchers at the University of Bristol and the University of Groningen have ventured provide an answer. In a study published in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior, they propose that genes may have a lot do with it.
    Evolutionary theory suggests that parents and their daughters (and sons, for that matter) should both want a caring and supportive mate. That would work for all of them. And they do both strive for this. But parents, apparently, want it more. The study’s co-author Tim Fawcett, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Bristol, this model of parental and filial behavior is predicated on the fact that parents presumably value all of their children (and therefore the survival of their genes) equally. So parents want to allocate their resources optimally and make sure that each child ends up with equal share. But if one daughter marries the hunky but unreliable handyman and the other comes home with the gawky, devoted investment banker, the former will probably require additional investment of time, money and emotional support to survive, and the others will get less from the parents. Spending their resources that way may not seem appealing to parents, but, says Fawcett, “it is in their evolutionary interests to do so. The conflict arises because daughters will settle for a partner who provides less support than her parents would ideally like.” In other words, parents feel a need to fill in the gap for the child married to the handyman so that daughter, and her hunk, have the same chance of raising a family and having children who continue the genetic lineage as the daughter married to the wealthy banker.

    As 2016 looms, Clinton keeps up with supporters

    FILE - In this July 9, 2013 photo, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton applauds international delegates to the during the Women in Public Service Project leadership symposium, at Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pa. For all the talk that the former secretary of state intended to slow down after two decades in national political life, Clinton is keeping a busy schedule that amounts to a training camp for a second presidential campaign if she decides to run. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

    CHICAGO (AP) — Whether she runs for president or not in 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton is making sure she stays connected to important Democratic constituencies, from college students and black women to the gay and lesbian community.
    Clinton has spoken to a women's institute in Pennsylvania, a prominent black women's sorority in the nation's capital, the American Jewish University in Los Angeles and an organization called Chicago House that helps people with HIV and AIDS.
    Her fall itinerary includes speeches before college students at three universities in New York, which she represented in the Senate, an award from the Elton John AIDS Foundation, a speech at a Minneapolis synagogue and an event involving a Mexican-American initiative at the University of Southern California.
    For all the talk that the former secretary of state intended to slow down after two decades in national political life, Clinton is keeping a busy schedule that amounts to a training camp for a second presidential campaign, if there is one.
    In many of her speeches, Clinton talks about America's role in the world and weighs in on national issues on her own terms. Her words often seem to be aimed at maintaining a connection to the party's base of women, black and Hispanic voters, young people and gays and lesbians.
    While her speeches avoid partisan politics, they put her before admiring audiences that relish the notion of a woman leading the country.

    Weird Record Set !!!

    Record 21 pitchers used as Rays top Orioles in 18-inning marathon
    Friday night was the wildest night of the 2013 baseball season to date. But nothing, and I do mean nothing, was crazier or more entertaining than the 18-innings marathon played at Tropicana Field.
    The Tampa Bay Rays eventually escaped the mayhem with a 5-4 victory over the Baltimore Orioles thanks to David DeJesus' walk-off single, but not before an MLB record 21 pitchers were used. That broke the previous record of 20, which has occurred twice. The most recent was on Aug. 24 in when the Diamondbacks and Phillies played 19 innings.
    The Rays tied a single game record by using 11 pitchers, including their scheduled starter on Sunday Jeremy Hellickson. Hellickson would earn the win with 2 1/3 innings of scoreless relief. Bud Norris, typically a starter for Baltimore, took the loss and was one of only three relievers in the game to be scored upon. In fact, neither team plated a run from Ben Zobrist's seventh inning RBI single until the game-winner crossed in the 18th. That covered a span of 81 batters, or nine trips through an entire lineup.

    "Hillary Clinton Has Had More Women Than Her Husband": Former Bill Clinton Mistress Opens Up

    Gennifer Flowers today
    "Hillary Clinton Has Had More Women Than Her Husband": Former Bill Clinton Mistress Opens UpU.S. -- Gennifer Flowers, who claims to have had a twelve-year affair with former U.S. President Bill Clinton, has raised new rumours about his wife Hillary's sexuality, saying that the woman has had relations with more female partners than her husband.
    Flowers speculated Mrs Clinton's sexuality while answering whether she the former First Lady had an affair with a long-time aide Huma Abedin.
    The rumours about the affair originally surfaced when Abedin stood by her husband Anthony Weiner, a former New York Mayoral hopeful, amid a scandal involving him sending naked pictures of himself to other women.
    Flowers said she knew that Hillary Clinton had been with more women than her husband.
    "I just know what Bill told me, and that was that he was aware that Hillary was bisexual, and he didn't care," she said.
    The former Penthouse model also admitted it would be nice to "sit down and talk” with former President Bill Clinton about "unresolved issues" between them.
    "He was the love of my life, and I was the love of his life. You don't get over those things," she says.

    STOWAWAY TEENAGER: In-laws Are After Me ‘Over Government Money’ – Mother Cries Out

    13-year-old Daniel Oikhena has become popular and luck definitely has smiled on him probably not what he bargained for, all thanks to the attention he has been getting after he was caught hiding in tyre hole of Arik plane on the 24th of August.

    Governor Adams Oshiomhole who had a interview with the boy & meeting with the boy's family discovered the boy wasn't a threat but as a matter of fact intelligent, this prompted him into directing Women Affairs Ministry to take over his training in order to afford  Daniel the opportunity to realize his life’s  ambition.

    Daniel's mother Evelyn, had  said the son  wanted to fly a plane to America as a pilot.
    Daniel went back to school  on  Monday, 16  September  after he was examined by doctors and a psychologist and was found to be sound. Seeing the boy  now is more difficult than seeing a governor.

    This is so because the state government had taken up the responsibility to ensure that he gets good education. Efforts to meet him to find out how he was preparing to go back to school were  frustrated by the security around him.

    PHOTOS: What If Chika Ike Suddenly Got Old?

    A UN Ambassador and popular Nollywood actress Chika Ike is playing the part of an old woman in a new movie.
    Some of the photos from the screening scene have leaked the Internet. Thanks to make up, Chika Ike looks absolutely natural!
    See the photos below…
     PHOTOS: What If Chika Ike Suddenly Got Old?
    … and compare to how the actress looks these days :)

    ASUU STRIKE: "We Are Tired"

    The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has called on well meaning Nigerians to prevail on members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities to call off their three months old strike in the interest of Nigerian students who are currently idling away.
    The Union noted that it could no longer continue to tolerate the protracted strike which has perpetually made Students jobless and idle.
    Addressing a news conference in Akure, the Ondo State capital, NANS National President, Comrade Yinka Gbadebo urged the striking lecturers to call off the strike in the interest of building intellectual capacity for National development which is sacrosanct to the future of the country.
    Gbadebo who was flanked by the union’s National Financial Secretary, Comrade Timileyin Ayenuro, an indigene of Ondo State, said it has become imperative for the students to call on ASUU to reconsider its present adamant stand on the continued closure of the Universities.
    He said,”We must as Nigerians accept that the problem with our Universities have developed over decades and would therefore be unimaginable that ASUU with its present stand want it totally resolved within a spate of four years that this agreement was signed.
    “Objectively, ASUU is expected to expect that the demand for an unproved standard of education in Nigeria shall continue as long as our quest for development as a Nation remains on our investment in the Education sector.

    There All Kinds Of ears In The World...

    The reluctance to put away childish things may be a requirement of genius. --Rebecca Pepper Sinkler

    A Final and Lovely Collaboration

    --by Maria Popova, syndicated from, Sep 21, 2013 “Krauss books can be bridges between the poor dull insensitive adult and the fresh, imaginative, brand-new child.”
    Beloved children’s author Ruth Krauss (July 25, 1901–July 10, 1993) penned more than thirty books for little ones over the course of her forty-year career, but remains best-known as half of one of the most celebrated author-illustrator duos of all time, the other half being none other than Maurice Sendak. Their eight-year partnership, masterminded by the great Ursula Nordstrom who also nursed Sendak into genius, produced such soul-stirring, heart-warming delights as the hopelessly wonderful ode to friendship I’ll Be You and You Be Me. But Krauss’s eighth and final* collaboration with Sendak, Open House for Butterflies (public library), was arguably their loveliest. Originally published in 1960 and thankfully, unlike what happens to a tragic many out-of-print gems, reprinted in 2001, this tiny treasure is a timeless smile-inducer for children and grown-ups alike.

    OMG!!! This is Lovely...

    Lovely combo of White sleeveless gown, denim tied around the waist with a golden shoe to match... for more details about the outfit, visi...