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Binoculars magazine is a purposeful magazine project specifically designed on projecting the Headlines positively to both students in Delsu and of other campuses all over the country (Nigeria) and in addition the magazine will also project businesses, for it is imperative to state that the magazine is not solely student oriented but it will be a magazine that touch all spheres of life and every individual and businesses irrespective of where they are and who they are, a magazine that cuts across boundaries.

This is a special opportunity for your quintessential organization especially on your laudable importance in the lives of students and Nigerians. To spread the reach of your products and services directly to over ten million individual students and others alike all around campuses in the country by advertising in the magazine.

The reward of your venture definitely will surpass all your expectations and imaginations.
Thanks in appreciation and expectation of your prompt and also favourable response in order to keep pace with competitors.

Our rates are the best you can get online and easily negotiable, for advert and inquiry please contact;


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